A Semi-Destination Wedding

One thing that we knew when we were looking for a venue in the mountains was that it would be, at minimum, slightly out-of-the-way. Our original location of Julian is about 45 min to an hour outside of San Diego, mostly depending on where you’re coming from. Palomar Mountain is closer to an hour and a half–an easy day trip. But for a wedding? With alcohol involved? It quickly transformed into a semi-destination wedding. Do our guests HAVE to stay on the mountain? No, they don’t, and most probably won’t. Our venue has strict restrictions on when we must stop serving alcohol, and we’re having an early-ish wedding so guests driving home can get down the mountain when it’s still light out.

But for guests such as the wedding party, staying on the property is definitely a must. Thankfully, we are renting the Bailey House (unbelievably the ORIGINAL building on Palomar Mountain) as part of our venue for the Thursday-Sunday surrounding the wedding, and the Bailey House sleeps–wait for it–19 people! Talk about a magic number! A 19 person occupancy is perfect for our wedding party and their dates. Mr. B and I will have the Master Bedroom which is on the ground floor (all the other bedrooms are on the 2nd floor and in the attic) and we are even braving staying with our Bridal Party the night of the wedding. GASP. What’s that? You can’t believe were not whisking away to a secluded location all to ourselves? To be honest, a lot of factors play into this, mostly being, there’s no need for us to go stay somewhere else when we have a perfectly good master suite we are already paying ALOT to stay in. PLUS we want to spend this time partying with our nearest and dearest–and more than likely after all the stress and work of the days preceding the wedding, all we’re going to want to do is SLEEP. (trust me….)

I know what you’re thinking, what about our parents? Well, to be frank, Mr. B and I both come from families with divorced parents who have all re-married. So yes, we have 8 parents. That is a lot of parents. And we’re paying for the wedding ourselves. So from the beginning we informed them they would need to find somewhere to stay. There are other cabins on the property, and on the mountain for that matter (and a Harrah’s 30 minutes away) so they have PLENTY of options…Dealing with the parents and their accommodations is another post for another day.

View of the Bailey House in the Background

Photo personal

Is your venue off the beaten path but perfect for your vision?


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