One Year

Well Hive, it’s been a great year at the Buffalo household. One year ago today Mr. B and I got married and we’ve pretty much been going non-stop since we said “I do”.

We had a fantastic honeymoon in Maui where we spent a lot of time sightseeing and eating, and, according to Mr. B, not enough time just relaxing on the beach.


The Buffalos in Maui / Photo Personal

When we got back from our Honeymoon, we jumped into House Hunting, and after waiting for almost a year on a short sale condo, we found our perfect house! The papers were signed and we closed the day before MOH S’s November Wedding!

It was a whirlwind holiday season for us between the moving (which I wasn’t very much help with–Sorry Mr. B!), fixing up our mostly move-in ready (thankfully!) home and preparing for Baby Buffalo.

After the first of the year we finally had time to relax and (in)patiently wait for Baby Buffalo to arrive in April!

Baby Buffalo 2

We had fun taking Maternity Photos (OK, Mr. B still doesn’t like taking all the photos I insist upon) / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

Baby Buffalo arrived just in the nick of time to be an April baby  and Mr. B and I can’t imagine our lives without her! She is so bubbly and full of life, and, thankfully, a super easygoing and happy baby!

Baby Buffalo

Baby Buffalo laughing at me trying to take her photo / Photo Personal

Through everything that has happened since the moment I walked down the aisle, I can honestly say this has been one of the best years of my life. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing, thoughtful and giving best friend as my husband, and if every year is half as wonderful as this year has been, I will always be the luckiest girl in the world.

Mr. B, thank you for everything you have given me not only the past 5 years, but more importantly these past 365 days. I love you, here’s to another 75 years! 


Mrs. Buffalo



The Buffalo Wedding: The One with the Group Photos

After our First Look was over we began to take our group photos. The guys had taken their guys-only photos while we had finished getting ready, so at least that part was out of the way. Poor Mr. B, he really doesn’t like posing for photos. Of course, not only did he want to remember our Wedding day, but he is well aware that when you pay that much money for photos, you need to just smile and get over it! I had sent M a collage of what I considered our MUST-have photos earlier that week (and printed out an extra copy–just in case) and we set to work. I’ve got to hand it to M, not only did she work her butt off ALL day, but she got every shot I requested! Here are some of my favorites!   


I LOVE the porch at the Bailey House! It is perfect for photos! / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography


This is us pretty much making fun of the photos I’ve taken when I drink too much…/ Photo Credit Quartiano Photography



I love the serious and funny versions of this one / Photo Credit Quartiano PhotographyIMG_0593 IMG_0595

I’ll admit I definitely got the idea for this photo off of Pinterest (and am surprised Mr. B was on board!) But GM R took it to a whole new level (as usual)…/ Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

IMG_0628 IMG_0655


The ones with just me & the Bridesmaids are some of my favorites as well! / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography


This one is really special to me, because I think it truly embraces the personality of all of our friends, and M did such an excellent job creating the collage! (It also took a lot of convincing to get GM Vegas to take his photo without the champagne bottle he had been carrying around!) / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

Where did you find inspiration for your group photos? Did you pick out what shots you wanted or just let your photographer do what they thought was best?

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The Buffalo Wedding: The One With the First Look

The Buffalo Wedding: The One With the First Look

While I have no regrets about not having an actual wedding rehearsal, I do kind of regret not practicing, or at least putting much thought into, our first look. At the time I thought, how complicated could this be? I’ve seen a gazillion photos on pinterest, I walk up behind him and he sees me for the first time. Simple. OK, not so simple. Things I forgot to consider: the spot I selected meant people would be watching, there will be photos taken, and big D’OH moment: I walk fast. Like FAST. I didn’t really think about slowing down to you know, capture the moment? It’s quite amazing that M was able to get any decent photos at all. Not to mention that once I got to Mr. B it was awkward. Not awkward for us, per se, it was in fact very us. But more just awkward in photos. Despite M’s best effort, I did a horrible job preparing for this part of the day, which was reflected in the photos. Boo to my lack of preparation. I pretty much walked as slowly as I could (which isn’t that slow), walked up behind him and gave him a hug from behind before he turned around. MAYBE the awkwardness is more in how I’m remembering it than anything else. Either way, looking back this is probably the biggest thing I would have put more thought into.


Mr. B looking out over the ceremony site waiting for me / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

IMG_0467 copy

This is by far my absolute favorite photo of myself from our wedding! I’m so thankful that M was able to capture it! / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

 IMG_0479 IMG_0480  IMG_0485

Photos credit Quartiano Photography

Mr. B was so excited to finally see me in the dress I had talked so much about! Not to mention it meant that we could begin all the fun group photos (Mr. B usually HATES posing for photos) and then GET MARRIED.

Did you have a first look? Did it go exactly as planned or did you have to play it by ear?

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The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where We Get Ready

The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where the Boys Get Ready


The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where the Boys Get Ready

While we were busy getting beautified, the boys finished setting up the ceremony site and then started to get ready themselves. Since I wasn’t directly involved in this portion of their day (and have NO idea what they were actually doing!) I will try to let the pictures do the talking.

Shortly after I finished filling out Mr. B’s card, our lovely photographer, M, went to deliver it to him!IMG_0199 Mr. B reading my note! / Photo credit Quartiano Photography


And showing off the t-shirt I had made for him (seriously, I honestly was concerned he liked the shirt better than the watch, he wore it every chance he got on the honeymoon!) / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

IMG_0255 copy


GM R ironing Little K’s dress shirt / Photos Credit Quartiano Photography 

IMG_0298 copy

IMG_0302Have I mentioned that GM R takes some pretty awesome & funny photos?/ Photos Credit Quartiano Photography 


IMG_0351 copyI love these group ones too, they are all focusing REALLY hard on their ties! / Photos Credit Quartiano Photography

IMG_0376 copy

GM R helping Mr. B with is tie / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography


This one of my favorite shots of Mr. B from that day, I love his smile in it! / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

Overall, the guys looked like they had just as much fun getting ready as we did…and probably just as much champagne (or maybe that was just GM Vegas).

Did your groom have fun getting ready with all his friends? Did your photographer capture any fun shots?

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The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where We Get Ready

The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where We Get Ready

After finally sitting in the makeup chair and having the day start to feel real, that’s when the actual fun started! I had such an amazing time getting ready with my favorite girls! Of course who doesn’t have fun hanging with their favorite people sipping champagne (or in my case, apple cider)? Since I was pretty much the last person in rotation for hair and makeup, all my favorite ladies already looked beautiful before I even sat down! Thankfully our wonderful photographer M had gotten some fun photos of the girls getting ready while I was still running around!


MOH S getting her makeup done / Photo credit Quartiano Photography


BM T pouring some champagne/ Photo credit Quartiano Photography




Getting my hair and makeup done / Photos credit Quartiano Photography

Other than getting my hair and makeup done, there were still a couple things I needed to complete; I had worked really hard secretly getting Mr. B a wedding present (I SUCK at secrets) but I still hadn’t filled out his card! It’s amazing how hard it was to put all the thoughts buzzing around in my head on paper that day! There was just so much to say and nowhere near enough space to write it on. Thankfully I was able to get it together and write him one last love note before becoming his wife.

 Once Mr. B’s gift was put together and sent to him via M (so she could get pictures of him opening it!) the girls and I needed to start our Thumbprint guestbook. As stupid as it sounds, I wanted the girls to get their thumbprints on the canvas first so our other guests would understand that their fingerprints were supposed to be balloons and not just random dots on canvas. The girls had so much fun being the first to sign it, but I can’t exactly say that all of our guests followed their examples; we definitely had more than one randomly floating balloon.


The Buffalo Bridesmaids signing our guestbook / Photos credit Quartiano Photography

Finally, it was time for me to get into my wedding dress! As many brides before me and many many after me will attest, getting into your wedding dress on your wedding day is such an amazing feeling! And thankfully despite some minor concerns—mine fit! Once we were dressed and ready it was time to do the first look!



Photos Credit Quartiano Photography

At what moment on your wedding day did you have that “OMG I’m getting married today!” feeling?

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The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where We Set Up

The morning of the wedding, you may have confused me with a crazy person. I was running around trying to do every SINGLE thing at once, all by myself. Now, don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of help, as our entire bridal party was staying with us on the property, and most of our parents (and friend’s parents) were nearby and ready and willing to do whatever necessary. It’s just that sometimes all the time I can definitely be one of those “must do everything myself to ensure perfection” people. This was one of those times. And the property is HUGE! I was seriously sweating running around everywhere trying to do everything. I woke up at my usual 6am, made cinnamon rolls for everyone and relaxed for MAYBE 30 minutes. OK, maybe it was half relax/half strategically figure out how to be in two places at once.  After slowly waking up, and having breakfast, the guys were sent to set up the ceremony site. Despite minimal direction from me, they did an excellent job! (Mr. B and I bucked tradition and saw each other most of that morning, but once my hair & makeup was done we stayed away until the first look).IMG_0013


Mr. B’s Groomsmen setting up the Ceremony Site

As for where I spent most of my time setting up telling people what to do (while still trying to do it all myself), was the Dance hall setting up tables with my Mom. She did such an excellent job at not letting my irrational requests be met with a slap upside the head! I don’t know how she put up with me, but she did; and with the help of some of her awesome friends and Mr. B’s wonderful stepmom the dance hall turned out PERFECTLY. Mr. B and I are both so grateful for all the hard work people put into setting up our wedding so that we wouldn’t have to stress out over it (even though, let’s face it, I did any way). I was so consumed with setting up that I almost forgot to get my hair and makeup done! OK, not really, MOH S and the other bridesmaids wouldn’t let that happen! But I did insist on going last so I could help with as many things as possible. While they were relaxing and getting beautified, I was running around sweating; I definitely had that bridal beauty “glow”.

Once I finally settled down into the makeup chair, I had to let go of being in charge of everyone and trust that they’d do it right.  And it was at that point it started to feel real…we were getting married!

Did you/will you rely on help from friends and family to set up your wedding? Or did you hire a wedding planner to take care of it for you?

Photos Credit Quartiano Photography

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The Buffalo Wedding: How we didn’t rehearse

I’m going to take a shot in the dark and assume this is more common than you may think. But hey, I also could be very very wrong. We had every intention of having a full-blown wedding rehearsal. We had never even fully done our handfasting ceremony in its entirety, nor had anyone else been to the ceremony site to see where everything would take place. A rehearsal was definitely a must. But then something funny happened: people were late, I was tired, all of a sudden people started showing up for the rehearsal dinner and then somehow the actual rehearsal seemed less and less important. In fact, it seemed unnecessary. I’ll let you in on a little secret: by the time we had arrived at the venue the day before I had given up on being a neurotic stressed out bride, and just come to the conclusion that the best thing for me to do was just go with the flow (I may or may not have revoked this opinion the next morning during set-up, but that’s a story for another post)

Since rehearsing the actual wedding ceremony had been scrapped, we moved onto bigger and better things: rehearsing the RECEPTION. Originally, we had a bit of trouble deciding how we wanted to go about our rehearsal dinner, mainly because of the seclusion of our venue. But in the end we decided on a laid-back BBQ with our immediate family, wedding party and guests who were already on the mountain the night before. I let Mr. B pick out the food, and I have to admit he did an excellent job. He opted for us to have carne asada tacos, Coronas, margaritas and even decided to man the grill! I know a lot of you Bees would not want your grooms to be “working” at your rehearsal dinner, but I know that manning the grill with his groomsman was one of Mr. B’s favorite parts of the night!


BM N, GM R & B and Mr. B manning the Grill

In addition to Mr. B and the groomsmen at the grill, most of our wedding party had helped us set up the multi-purpose room for the event that day, and MOH S was in charge of warming the tortillas. (Have I mentioned we have AWESOME friends?)


Me and BM J

IMG_1013MOH S warming the tortillas

I will say I got a little carried away with the salsa and guacamole. I went to the Mexican market by our house to stock up, and somehow managed to spend over $100 on various pre-made salsas, guacomole and hot carrots. SERIOUSLY. So if the older ladies in line are giving you the “are you really buying that much” look, they’re probably right..I think we ate about half of it. MAYBE.

We had a great time spending extra time with our closest friends and family, especially those from out-of-town. After all the family had cleared out, the guys got to do what they had been waiting patiently to do all night: play beer pong. Under normal circumstances, I probably would have joined them. But due to Baby Buffalo, not only was I not drinking, but I was extra tired, so I retired to the main house to watch Sleepless in Seattle and finish some last-minute projects before heading to bed. Even though I missed most of their fun, here are my favorite shots from the night just because:IMG_1033

GM R showing off his awesome wrist tape

IMG_1039BM N and Mr. B even sit alike!

Despite our lack of actual preparation for the most important part of our big day, I consider our rehearsal dinner a success. It proves that just like a wedding, your rehearsal can be anything you want it to be. And I definitely learned about just going with the flow that day (seriously, that is NOT something that I am good at).

Did you have a traditional Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner? Or did you do things a little differently and still have everything turn out perfectly?

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