But what if there’s an emergency?!?

Well, we’ll have our handy-dandy emergency kits!

Last year, for BM K’s Hawaii wedding, I put together an extensive wedding day emergency kit complete with anything she might need on the day of the wedding. After all, we were going to be, what seemed like a zillion miles away from home, and even though Hawaii DOES have a Walmart or two, better safe then sorry, right? We didn’t end up needing most of it (if any, it’s honestly hard to remember at this point) and when we got home it went into one of our bathroom cabinets, still mostly intact.

Fast forward to Christmas this year, and my stepbrother, R, gave Mr. B the cutest miniature guys version of the emergency kit:

Isn’t it cute with the mustache?

photo via www.msandmrs.com

Shortly after that, when all the holiday hoopla had died down, I started looking into these cute little kits, and how I could get them for our bridal party. Yes, we will be bringing everything with us, and more than likely they will have everything they need. BUT these kits are F-U-N. And after doing a little research, I realized that not only would it be way more fun for me to MAKE them but a) it would be more cost effective (maybe, lol); and b) they would be more personalized.

First, I had to breakdown what I wanted to put into the kits. I scoured the dollar store, and looked for what I couldn’t find there at Walmart and on Amazon (can you believe they don’t sell single use packets of Neosporin at Walmart?). This is what I came up with: Neosporin to-go, bandaid, Deoderant towelette, Advil, Shout to-go, Nail file (for the ladies), Make-up Remover towellete (ladies), extra earring backs, safety and straight pins (leftover from BM K’s wedding!).

ImagePhoto Personal

Next it was time to figure out what to put it in. The emergency kits for the groomsmen were simple: I was able to find nearly identical metal tins to the emergency kit Mr. B had gotten for Christmas online for only $.83 each! (I also ordered the small round tins for the safety pins and earring backs from here as well). But for the ladies…it was a bit more difficult. See, I am equally picky and inpatient. So spending what seemed like forever (and was actually about a week) searching for a reasonably priced bag, I finally settled on these cute floral pouches from the dollar section at Michaels. The floral print was super cute, even if it wasn’t on theme with the wedding. This was about 4 months ago, and last week, while randomly perusing Michaels (as I tend to do while waiting for MOH/workout partner) I happened to find mini makeup bags in metallic brown and gold! I quickly grabbed 4 brown and 1 gold and headed to checkout, thinking they were $2 each and armed with my 20% off coupon courtesy of good ole’ Martha Stewart Weddings. But Alas! They were only $1. So $4.00 later I had the PERFECT bags for my emergency Kits.

ImageMy awesome Emergency kit packaging!

photo personal

Was there a project you were so excited to complete that you just couldn’t wait?


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