The Quest for the Dress, Part 1

I am one of THOSE brides who practically knew exactly what I wanted before I even had the ring on my finger. Well, when it comes to dresses there are so MANY options!! So I think it came down to I knew what I DIDN’T want in a dress, and I would go from there. Last time I got married, I had an all satin ballgown with pick-ups. I’m pretty sure David’s Bridal still carries the EXACT dress….Wait, yep, here it is:



Image via David’s Bridal

Thinking about this dress honestly makes me cringe. It’s nothing against people who choose dresses like this, because it is a beautiful dress, but to me it is associated with a wedding I (frankly) probably shouldn’t have had…And I just don’t think satin is the fabric for me (which is why there will be no satin dresses!)

Knowing I wanted a softer material (but still a FULL skirt) I decided to look at dresses made of chiffon, tulle and organza. One thing I knew for sure was I didn’t want to spend the majority of my wedding budget on a dress I’d only wear once. Despite my dislike for all things David’s Bridal, they really did offer the best bang for my buck so I decided to start there. Perusing their website, I did find a few dresses that caught my eye. A couple made of tulle (because it makes for a SUPER gorgeous full skirt) and a couple made from organza. Of course I loved the White by Vera Wang line BUT spending above $1k for something from David’s Bridal seemed counter-productive to me. Either way I created my favorites list and decided I had plenty of time to go in and check them out.

Dress Option 1 Organza A-line (that’s actually 2-in-1)

Dress option 2 Might make me look short

Beautiful White by Vera Wang Tulle Dress

Gorgeous Organza Dress with RUFFLE detailing

All Photos via David’s

Then one day, while checking up on my favorites list, I noticed a couple of the dresses I liked were on closeout sale! I definitely had a mini-freak out: sale=good closeout=bad. Thankfully, there was a DB down the street from my work, and I was able to go one afternoon when I was off early. My mom was able to meet me (as the lucky duck gets EVERY Friday off) and we went in just to LOOK at the dresses…There was absolutely no use in freaking out over a dress being discontinued if I didn’t even like it. So we browsed a bit, and finally tracked it down. And of course, when I saw it, I loved it, and had to try it on. So I did, and due to it being a Friday afternoon and not very busy my consultant was very attentive and helpful (rare for DB). I quickly realized that the dress was THE dress. But afraid to make a hasty decision about the first dress I tried on, I tried on a couple more. It soon became clear: dress #1 was the dress for me. Due to the discounted rate, I could only buy the sample dress, and could not put it on hold without a 25% deposit. After a long (well, like 10 minutes) deliberation while still wearing the dress, I decided to put down the deposit, and bring the BM’s the next week to check it out. Luckily, if I changed my mind within 60 days I could just apply my deposit towards another dress, which made it an even easier decision.

Did I mention this was all within 2 weeks of getting engaged?? I’m very efficient inpatient when it comes to planning.

Was choosing a dress an easy decision for you? Or was your search long and seemingly fruitless at first?


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