The Buffalo Wedding: The One with the Group Photos

After our First Look was over we began to take our group photos. The guys had taken their guys-only photos while we had finished getting ready, so at least that part was out of the way. Poor Mr. B, he really doesn’t like posing for photos. Of course, not only did he want to remember our Wedding day, but he is well aware that when you pay that much money for photos, you need to just smile and get over it! I had sent M a collage of what I considered our MUST-have photos earlier that week (and printed out an extra copy–just in case) and we set to work. I’ve got to hand it to M, not only did she work her butt off ALL day, but she got every shot I requested! Here are some of my favorites!   


I LOVE the porch at the Bailey House! It is perfect for photos! / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography


This is us pretty much making fun of the photos I’ve taken when I drink too much…/ Photo Credit Quartiano Photography



I love the serious and funny versions of this one / Photo Credit Quartiano PhotographyIMG_0593 IMG_0595

I’ll admit I definitely got the idea for this photo off of Pinterest (and am surprised Mr. B was on board!) But GM R took it to a whole new level (as usual)…/ Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

IMG_0628 IMG_0655


The ones with just me & the Bridesmaids are some of my favorites as well! / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography


This one is really special to me, because I think it truly embraces the personality of all of our friends, and M did such an excellent job creating the collage! (It also took a lot of convincing to get GM Vegas to take his photo without the champagne bottle he had been carrying around!) / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

Where did you find inspiration for your group photos? Did you pick out what shots you wanted or just let your photographer do what they thought was best?

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The Buffalo Wedding: The One With the First Look

While I have no regrets about not having an actual wedding rehearsal, I do kind of regret not practicing, or at least putting much thought into, our first look. At the time I thought, how complicated could this be? I’ve seen a gazillion photos on pinterest, I walk up behind him and he sees me for the first time. Simple. OK, not so simple. Things I forgot to consider: the spot I selected meant people would be watching, there will be photos taken, and big D’OH moment: I walk fast. Like FAST. I didn’t really think about slowing down to you know, capture the moment? It’s quite amazing that M was able to get any decent photos at all. Not to mention that once I got to Mr. B it was awkward. Not awkward for us, per se, it was in fact very us. But more just awkward in photos. Despite M’s best effort, I did a horrible job preparing for this part of the day, which was reflected in the photos. Boo to my lack of preparation. I pretty much walked as slowly as I could (which isn’t that slow), walked up behind him and gave him a hug from behind before he turned around. MAYBE the awkwardness is more in how I’m remembering it than anything else. Either way, looking back this is probably the biggest thing I would have put more thought into.


Mr. B looking out over the ceremony site waiting for me / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

IMG_0467 copy

This is by far my absolute favorite photo of myself from our wedding! I’m so thankful that M was able to capture it! / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

 IMG_0479 IMG_0480  IMG_0485

Photos credit Quartiano Photography

Mr. B was so excited to finally see me in the dress I had talked so much about! Not to mention it meant that we could begin all the fun group photos (Mr. B usually HATES posing for photos) and then GET MARRIED.

Did you have a first look? Did it go exactly as planned or did you have to play it by ear?

Miss a Buffalo Recap?

The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where Our Weekend Began

The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where We Didn’t Rehearse

The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where We Set Up

The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where We Get Ready

The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where the Boys Get Ready


The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where We Set Up

The morning of the wedding, you may have confused me with a crazy person. I was running around trying to do every SINGLE thing at once, all by myself. Now, don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of help, as our entire bridal party was staying with us on the property, and most of our parents (and friend’s parents) were nearby and ready and willing to do whatever necessary. It’s just that sometimes all the time I can definitely be one of those “must do everything myself to ensure perfection” people. This was one of those times. And the property is HUGE! I was seriously sweating running around everywhere trying to do everything. I woke up at my usual 6am, made cinnamon rolls for everyone and relaxed for MAYBE 30 minutes. OK, maybe it was half relax/half strategically figure out how to be in two places at once.  After slowly waking up, and having breakfast, the guys were sent to set up the ceremony site. Despite minimal direction from me, they did an excellent job! (Mr. B and I bucked tradition and saw each other most of that morning, but once my hair & makeup was done we stayed away until the first look).IMG_0013


Mr. B’s Groomsmen setting up the Ceremony Site

As for where I spent most of my time setting up telling people what to do (while still trying to do it all myself), was the Dance hall setting up tables with my Mom. She did such an excellent job at not letting my irrational requests be met with a slap upside the head! I don’t know how she put up with me, but she did; and with the help of some of her awesome friends and Mr. B’s wonderful stepmom the dance hall turned out PERFECTLY. Mr. B and I are both so grateful for all the hard work people put into setting up our wedding so that we wouldn’t have to stress out over it (even though, let’s face it, I did any way). I was so consumed with setting up that I almost forgot to get my hair and makeup done! OK, not really, MOH S and the other bridesmaids wouldn’t let that happen! But I did insist on going last so I could help with as many things as possible. While they were relaxing and getting beautified, I was running around sweating; I definitely had that bridal beauty “glow”.

Once I finally settled down into the makeup chair, I had to let go of being in charge of everyone and trust that they’d do it right.  And it was at that point it started to feel real…we were getting married!

Did you/will you rely on help from friends and family to set up your wedding? Or did you hire a wedding planner to take care of it for you?

Photos Credit Quartiano Photography

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The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where Our Weekend Began

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Busy Bee

Hive! I cannot believe it has been over a week since my last post. But in all truth it has been a BUSY couple weeks in the Buffalo world. Two weekends ago MOH S got married! As her MOH, the days leading up to the BIG day were crazy for me! We had some weather scares (thankfully it was only windy and not rainy!) and I ended up whipping up her cake at the last-minute. No wedding is without snags, and all things considered the wedding turned out beautifully, albeit a  little bit cold!

The best view of the ceremony location! The wind was so strong at one point I had to hold onto the end of her veil to keep it from going crazy!

Mr. B and me at the reception

After the wedding was over, the Bridesmaids all stayed the night at the venue, while the newlyweds headed to a hotel. The next day we all got up, to clean and enjoy a great football game. The Bucs were playing the Chargers, so I was the odd man out and, coincidentally, the only one who thought it was a “great” game.

After the game, I headed home to start packing. Along with everything else that has gone on in the 1.5 months since our wedding, Mr. B and I can add officially becoming homeowners to the list! I spent the next week packing so we could move this past weekend. And even though our new house is still full of boxes and stuff to be sorted, organized and put away, I am SO looking forward to having almost a full month of no urgent/expensive/crazy plans.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to dwell on the fact that I haven’t gotten the photos from the wedding! But thankfully, they are now in the mail and I should have them any day! So after my last few planning posts, the Buffalo recaps can officially begin!

Do you have a lot planned for the weeks immediately following your wedding? Or are you looking forward to some peace, quiet and relaxation? (If so, I’m SO jealous!)

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Our Little Secret

OK, in retrospect, what seemed like “our little secret” in the last month before the wedding, was in fact quite a big secret. Also, while this is the first time I will be revealing it to the hive, I will say I suck at secrets in real life, and am a horrendous liar, so it didn’t stay a complete secret very long at all.

The Monday before our joint Bachelorette, I woke up Mr. B rather abruptly to shove a surprise in his face. I was so overjoyed, I could barely contain my excitement. Being completely asleep, it was difficult for him to immediately share in my excitement. Of course if you had this shoved in your face at 5:30am in the dark, you would probably be confused, too.

Yep, that’s right my friends, Mr. B and I are expecting a Baby Buffalo!

Now, this wasn’t completely a surprise, and as excited as we were, finding out 4 days before Bachelorette weekend wasn’t exactly GREAT timing! Mostly because (and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed) I’m a “let’s look at the worst case scenario first” type person. And personally, I’d always planned on keeping it a COMPLETE secret for 12 weeks! I spent 4 days worrying about how I would manage to keep anyone from noticing that I wasn’t drinking! Thankfully, I’m not a huge drinker ANYWAYS, so I had that in my favor, but it’s a BACHELORETTE party, and while no one expected me to get plastered, I knew they’d expect me to at least enjoy a few drinks. I know some of you may be thinking it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I told people, but since it was a JOINT Bachelorette party, I felt like it would be selfish of me to tell everyone and shift focus away from the fact that MOH S and I were BOTH getting married. So I planned to keep my mouth shut. Only that’s something easier said than done in my case! I came to the boards in search of advice on how to disguise it and got some great ideas! I think the ONLY reason I lasted almost the ENTIRE weekend without anyone noticing was that I had let BM K (who was also expecting) in on the secret, and she bought me virgin drinks! No one seemed to notice that I wasn’t drinking, since I APPEARED to be drinking! The bridal shower was pretty easy too, and of course by that time MOH S & the other bridesmaids were in on the secret, too.

The wedding flew by so fast, and thankfully the people we spent the most time with were in on it, and therefore it wasn’t as stressful to keep the secret as it could have been. Once we were safely past the 12 week mark, we let our parents (and eventually, everyone) in on our little secret, and we couldn’t be happier! Looking back though, it definitely added a lot more stress (and fatigue) to all those projects I saved for the last-minute (I’m such a procrastinator).

Did anything exciting happen to you in the last couple months of planning that caused you to re-evaluate your planning approach? Was it all worth it in the end like it was for us?

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Getting Showered with Love

MOH S scheduled my Bridal Shower for the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, and I was so grateful for the day of rest before and after! S wanted my shower to be a complete surprise, so I didn’t even get an invitation! I was told what time to be there–15 minutes early so that I could complete one task before the guests arrived–filling out our “Almost Newlywed Game” questions! Now, in all truth, I kind of knew about that one, since Mr. B thought it was important to ask me if  “S had emailed me the questions too”. But he was very careful not to give me any of the questions (or his answers) once he realized the point of the game, so I was on my own.

Once the guests started arriving the shower took off. I felt so loved to have so many of my family and friends show up to celebrate my upcoming wedding! One of my favorite surprises was that S had given everyone a recipe card to fill out with their favorite recipes and then she compiled them into my very own cookbook! I guess she knows how much I love to be in the kitchen!

As far as the answers to the Almost Newlywed Game…I was surprisingly on-point. My only pitfall was that one some questions, I was trying to decide between two answers and usually I picked the wrong one! So even though everyone else got a laugh out of it, I had the self-satisfaction of knowing I was right.

My answers to the Almost NewlyWed Game (before crossing out the incorrect answers)

The awesome spread MOH S put together–EVERYTHING was good, but those round cucumber ranch finger sandwiches were the BEST!

Me and the FANTASTIC MOH S before everyone arrived

The cutting board from my Mom that has our wedding slogan!

S’s Mom got me a Buccaneers Picnic Basket! (Mr. B says he will not carry said basket, no matter how heavy it is)

Did anyone go above and beyond the call of duty to throw you a shower? Did they manage to keep the details a surprise?

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Favors for our Favorite Ladies

Now that I’ve told you the details of the super-awesome joint Bachelorette Party we planned, I can tell you about one of my favorite elements of it: the favors for our Bridesmaids! Originally, I would never have guessed I’d be planning my own Bachelorette (well, I really never thought I’d have one at all). In my mind, it’s something the MOH or Bridemaids would plan in your honor. But since S is my MOH, and I’m hers, we’re planning it for ourselves (which knowing me, is great, since I hate relinquishing control), and planning it has been the best part!

About a month before the Bachelorette,  S emailed me with a suggestion for what we should give our ‘Maids as a favor at the Bachelorette. The suggestion she had was FANTASTIC! I wish I had come with it myself (and perhaps, had the idea of gifts for our ‘Maids at the Bachelorette crossed my mind, maybe I would have!). You see as I was planning my thank you gifts for my bridal party, her suggestion had kept popping up in my many emails from the Knot, and I loved it! It just wouldn’t work for our wedding for a number of reasons, the most important being we’re getting married on a MOUNTAIN. Now if we were having a tropical destination wedding like BM K had, or a local beach wedding like MOH S is having, this might work, but we’re not, so I left the idea behind and moved on to something else. So when S suggested it as a favor for our pool day bachelorette party I immediately said YES!! If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about Wet Bikini Bags!!

Image via The Knot

They were on a great sale and we were able to snag these babies for $8.99 each! We got blue ones for my bridesmaids, green ones for hers and white ones for us! We decided to forgo the extra personalization (for $8 more) and personalize them ourselves. Also, since we had decided to only get them for our bridesmaids who were sharing our hotel rooms, we decided to stuff them with fun pool day must-haves too! The week before we were able to sit down and do the personalization and stuff them, and they turned out great!

Our DIY personalization (this one is BM K’s!)

With everything we stuffed inside: TicTac’s, Advil, lip balm, mini sunscreen & lotion and a mini bottle of champagne (K’s is sparkling cider since she is expecting!)

We also got them plastic re-usable cups for by the pool that we didn’t have with us, but they won’t fit in the bag anyways! I will say though, these bags are WAY bigger than I expected. I was thinking they’d measure 5″ x 7″, which would’ve been large enough to hold a bikini in my mind. But these are definitely bigger than a standard sheet of paper, which means more room to hold fun stuff! I definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a fun, beach-oriented gift for your ‘Maids!

Did you plan a fun surprise for your ‘Maids for any pre-wedding activities? Are you like me and love to spoil the people who mean the most to you?

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