The Buffalo Wedding: Ready for the Weekend to begin

One of the great things about our wedding venue was that we had it from Thursday through Sunday. So the Thursday before the wedding, Mr. B, GM R and I headed up the mountain with two full carloads of wedding stuff ready to get this show on the road. Seriously, our cars were STUFFED to the brim with (almost) everything we would need for the next few days of festivities. A couple of hours later we had arrived at Bailey’s and the guys were excited and ready to unload the cars!


Mr. B and GM R on the porch of the Bailey House

Ok, they weren’t quite as excited about unloading the car as they were about the well stocked pond and the prospect of fishing once the cars were empty. But excited is excited. So once everything was in the house, the boys set off for the pond and I got busy setting everything up relaxing.

The next day was when everyone was set to arrive so I spent the morning running around getting as much done for the Rehearsal dinner as possible. Mr. B spent the morning helping, but as soon as his friends started to arrive, all the guys conveniently re-located to the pond and the girls hung out up at the house. When M got there, she got busy making the cake, and the BM’s and I finished setting up for the upcoming rehearsal dinner and occasionally helped as taste testers for our delicious cake.


GM R sneaking a cookie before heading to the pond


Me and MOH S watching the guys fish IMG_0996

M working on the bottom tier of the cake IMG_0997

MOH S tasting the yummy frosting

After a long afternoon filled with fishing and cake testing, a lot less wedding set-up then we probably should have done, and more reminders then should have been necessary, the guys finally came up from the pond so we could all get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The Carriage House was set up and we were just waiting on a couple of stragglers from the bridal party to arrive so wedding weekend could OFFICIALLY begin!

Did you have your wedding venue available for a leisurely set-up? Or did you have to get it all done the day of?

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Well Hive, it’s been awhile. I made a New Year’s Resolution to finish the Buffalo Recaps by the end of January. And it’s, ummmm, April. Clearly I am EXCELLENT at making and KEEPING New Year’s Resolutions. I blame pregnancy brain. No? That excuse doesn’t work on Mr. B either. But, now that I’m officially on bed rest until Baby Buffalo makes her debut, I figure now is a better time than ever to show you the details of the Buffalo wedding because now I have exactly the opposite of an excuse for procrastinating! I hope you have all had a wonderful first quarter of 2013 planning your weddings, here is a quick recap of things leading up to the Buffalo wedding before I start in on all the good stuff.

We FINALLY got engaged one July day on Catalina Island. Then I jumped feet first into wedding planning and had my dress before anything else, only to decide I needed a 2nd dress (something I NEVER thought I’d do). I got really picky about wedding venues and then accidentally came across the perfect place, only have to do some date re-arranging with my MOH. I went on a quest to find the perfect country cover band for the wedding, only to have them break-up, and not tell me. I did quite a few DIY projects and we decided to drink our beer from mason jars. I started to slack off in the final month of wedding planning due to finding out we were expecting Baby Buffalo, and then got crazy busy in the last week before the wedding when I found out I was a BEE! After the wedding we took off for a relaxing week in Maui! We planned a fun outdoor mountain wedding and looking back all the stress and work was TOTALLY worth it! I can’t wait to share all the details with you, so stay tuned!

XOXO Mrs. Buffalo

The Buffalos Roam: Adventures in Maui, Part 2

After our adventurous day at the Maui Ocean Center, and a few more food comas, we decided that it was time to make the trip up to the Haleakala crater. Now, everything that I had read and heard about the crater said the absolute best time to get there was for sunrise. This would have been a great adventure had we done it in the first couple days before acclamating ourself to Hawaii time. But, alas, we waited til a couple of days before we headed home. The night before we used my iphone to figure out how long it would take us to get there, and approximately what time sunrise would be the next day. Sunrise was set to be about 6:10am that day, and according to SIRI it would take us….2 hours (?) to get there.There was no way this pregnant lady was getting up at 3:30am to make sure to get there on time. So we gave up on the sunrise idea and set out for the crater about 7am. It was shaping up to be a beautiful day, and despite the windy mountain road, I managed to not get carsick (trust me, this is VERY IMPRESSIVE). We arrived at the peak about an hour later, and we were SO GLAD that we didn’t give in and leave at 4:00am to get there an hour or so early for sunrise only to have to sit that time in the freezing darkness.


Even in the sunlight it was pretty chilly, but the views were spectacular!



That peak in the distance is actually the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island


One of my favorite adventures from my first trip to Maui with my parents was visiting the Seven Sacred Pools, or the O’heo Gulch, which is also part of Haleakala National Park. I was really excited for Mr. B and I to make the drive to the pools and travel the road to Hana. We set off a couple of hours earlier than the guidebooks suggested (around 6:30am), hoping to get ahead of all the tourists who preferred to sleep in. This plan was pretty successful, and we were pretty much on our own on the road and at every stop we made. One of my favorite stops was at one of the black sand beaches we had stopped at as a child. This beach is seriously gorgeous.IMG_1185

The view from where we parked


We even made the short hike around the cove to get an alternate view of the beach (thankfully I was prepared this time and NOT wearing a strapless bra!)

After a few stops, we finally made it to the Seven Sacred Pools, only to find out that due to some serious rainfall they were closed and there was no way to reach them. We made the short hike around them anyways, and even though I was bummed about not being able to go down to the pools, they weren’t exactly the serene blue waters I remembered, so we continued on with our day. Instead of making the drive back the way we came (and fighting all the drivers heading towards the pools), we decided to continue around the backside of the island, which is mostly a dirt road, and in many places only wide enough for one car! Had we not rented a jeep, this would have been a terrible idea (although, we did see a few Mustang convertibles on the road, so maybe this a matter of opinion). Not too far past the pools, there is a turn-off (that would be really easy to miss if you’re not paying attention) to the Palapala Ho’omau church. This is a very beautiful historic church on an ocean-side bluff. The most significant reason we chose to stop was that Charles Lindbergh was buried there, and my grandparents had said they had always meant to make the trip that far, but never had. IMG_1190

The Palapala Ho’omau Church


The drive around the backside of the island took us probably an extra hour than if had we just gone back the way we had come that morning. But Mr. B and I both agreed that it was well worth it. We saw some awesome views we would have other wise missed, and even saw a second church an hour and a half into the drive, literally in the middle of nowhere. Not to mention that side of the island looked like a completely different world altogether! Sadly, we didn’t take any photos of this part, but Mr. B thought it looked like Mars with all the red rock and desert climate.

Despite all of our fun adventures while on Maui, I would have to say my favorite part about the honeymoon was the food and relaxation! We did so much, and still feel like we could go back to Maui again and still have plenty left to explore!

Did you go somewhere on your Honeymoon where you feel like you need to make another trip just to see everything?

Coming up next on the Buffalos Roam, all the yummy food!


The Buffalos Roam: Adventures in Maui, Part 1

If you had asked me pre-pregnancy what Mr. B and I planned to do while on our Honeymoon, you would have gotten lots of different answers. I would likely have told you things like zip-lining and hiking; zip-lining because I’d never done it (and the Honeymoon is the perfect time to try new things) and hiking because it is one of our favorite things to do on vacation. Things on the top of Mr. B’s list would likely have been hanging out at the beach and snorkeling; the first of which I was definitely willing to compromise on (we were, after all, going to Hawaii) and the 2nd of which I said I’d think about (which, trust me, is improvement). But when I found out I would be pregnant on the Honeymoon, we had to adjust our plans for adventure.

We arrived in Maui around 5:45pm, right when it was getting dark, and since it was a Sunday night, there wasn’t much to do in the way of adventures. So we scouted out what turned out to be a great (and quick!) dinner (more on that in the upcoming food post) and called it a night. The next morning we set out on our way towards Wailea to see what adventure we could stumble across. Seeing as it was still pretty early (thank you time change!), nothing seemed to be open, so we just kept on driving. We followed the road all the way til it ended at Makena Beach and got out to walk around. Now, prior to leaving the condo that morning, we hadn’t discussed any strenuous activities, and while I did bring a bathing suit in my bag, I had worn a strapless bra under my sundress (not a mistake I would make again). So when Mr. B decided he wanted to take a mini-hike as I call it (ok, it wasn’t REALLY a Hike, but it definitely was more than a stroll in the park, and definitely more than my strapless bra was willing to commit to) I wasn’t completely on-board right away. It was a beautiful walk though, and we saw a lot of beautiful scenery and a LOT of wild goats!


One of the many goats we saw! We loved that this one was on the beach!


IMG_1098I made Mr. B take so many photos!IMG_1102

Isn’t it pretty?


Mr. B is A LOT more adventurous than I am

After our adventures in Makena, we headed back to Wailea for a fantastic lunch (more on that later), and to scout out a jeweler where Mr. B could get his watch sized. Despite how unexciting THAT adventure was for me, it sure made him happy to wear his new watch the proper way, so I can’t complain!

The next day we were off to spend the day (or so we thought) in Lahaina. Lahaina was one of those places I fondly remembered from our family trips to Maui as a kid, and I was so excited to take Mr. B (even though its MAINLY shopping, something I KNOW he despises). We decided to start our day off at the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium so we could see some fish (and hopefully turtles) in about as close of a capacity as I can tolerate. (It was super windy that day, so the beach and snorkeling were out anyways).


Mr. B Checking out the fish


It kind of looks like I took this while swimming underwater, right? No? Mr. B didn’t think so either.


He dared me to touch the sea slug. I SWEAR I did, he will forever disagree!


I had NO problem with the starfish, though!


Sadly, the only turtles we saw our entire trip! Too bad, I promised Mr. B if he could find sea turtles, I would get into the water!

Coming up next: our trip to the Haleakala Crater, the Seven Sacred Pools, and LOTS of yummy food.

Did you have to adjust any of your honeymoon plans at the last-minute? Was it worth it in the end?

The Buffalos Roam: Honeymoon in Maui

As I mentioned here, the Buffalos were graciously gifted a honeymoon in Maui! We set off the morning after the wedding, and because of the distance from our wedding venue, we needed to leave by 9:30am. Now, on a normal day, 9:30am is not that early. And since I’m pregnant, I wake up pretty early (since i go to bed relatively early), BUT we were responsible for clean-up. And I’m a control freak. SO, despite all the trust I have in my friends and family, I was more than a little nervous about not being able to supervise help the clean-up process.

Since our flight left San Diego in the early afternoon, even with the time change we didn’t arrive in Hawaii until nearly sundown, and by the time we got to our condo it was already dark! We dropped off our bags and headed in search of food since we hadn’t eaten since the beginning of the plane ride, and let’s face it, the food on planes isn’t exactly gourmet. We found an AWESOME little Italian place (which I will review in my separate, and VERY necessary post on the AMAZING restaurants in Maui).

The next morning Mr. B and I were ready to kick off our Hawaiian adventures around the island including sightseeing, a little bit of snorkeling (much to my dismay), a lot of shopping (to Mr. B’s dismay) and lots and lots of food. But before we could set off, Mr. B had to take in the amazing early morning view from our lanai.

Mr. B enjoying the early morning view! He loved being that close to the beach!

Hive, I can’t wait to share the rest of our Hawaiian adventures with you! Stay tuned for more posts about our fun in the sun as The Buffalos roam Maui!

Did you leave for you honeymoon immediately after your wedding? Or did you give yourselves a couple of days to recuperate?

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Busy Bee

Hive! I cannot believe it has been over a week since my last post. But in all truth it has been a BUSY couple weeks in the Buffalo world. Two weekends ago MOH S got married! As her MOH, the days leading up to the BIG day were crazy for me! We had some weather scares (thankfully it was only windy and not rainy!) and I ended up whipping up her cake at the last-minute. No wedding is without snags, and all things considered the wedding turned out beautifully, albeit a  little bit cold!

The best view of the ceremony location! The wind was so strong at one point I had to hold onto the end of her veil to keep it from going crazy!

Mr. B and me at the reception

After the wedding was over, the Bridesmaids all stayed the night at the venue, while the newlyweds headed to a hotel. The next day we all got up, to clean and enjoy a great football game. The Bucs were playing the Chargers, so I was the odd man out and, coincidentally, the only one who thought it was a “great” game.

After the game, I headed home to start packing. Along with everything else that has gone on in the 1.5 months since our wedding, Mr. B and I can add officially becoming homeowners to the list! I spent the next week packing so we could move this past weekend. And even though our new house is still full of boxes and stuff to be sorted, organized and put away, I am SO looking forward to having almost a full month of no urgent/expensive/crazy plans.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to dwell on the fact that I haven’t gotten the photos from the wedding! But thankfully, they are now in the mail and I should have them any day! So after my last few planning posts, the Buffalo recaps can officially begin!

Do you have a lot planned for the weeks immediately following your wedding? Or are you looking forward to some peace, quiet and relaxation? (If so, I’m SO jealous!)

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The one thing that Mr. B REALLY wanted for our wedding was a photo booth. Now he didn’t ask for a lot, but initially, it just wasn’t in the budget. Then one day, a few months into planning, BM K called to tell me to check Groupon because there was a promo for Photo booth rentals! Now, at that point, I had never actually purchased a Groupon. While it was a GREAT deal, I was more than a little paranoid that I would pay the money up front and then my date wouldn’t be available! (I clearly did not understand the Groupon return policy at that point either). So I called the company first to inquire if my date was even an option. Boy am I glad I did, too! The owner, Kevin, told me that my day was, in fact, available, but that if it was OK with me, he’d rather honor the Groupon pricing but have us book directly through him. By reserving them that way, I simply had to put down a $100 deposit, and I felt much better then having to worry about going through Groupon. Mr. B and I were so excited that we would be able to have awesome photos of our guests with fun props at a great price, and I was happy that Mr. B was able to get the main thing he wanted all along.

A few weeks after booking our photo booth, Kevin called me back to tell me that one of their booths had been damaged, and was not insured leaving them down a booth. He said they would be unable to work our wedding, but had talked to another company and they were available and willing to take over our booking. Since I had paid our $100 deposit, and the company he would be transferring us to required a $200 deposit, he offered to pay the difference of $100 for the inconvenience. Since we were already planning on the photo booth, and the new company’s pricing wasn’t too far off from what we were originally planning to pay when the extra $100 was factored in, we graciously accepted this offer and transferred our booking to Sterling Photobooths.

Now, originally, my Supervisor at work had ALSO booked with the original company, only she had purchased the rental through Groupon. While Kevin had graciously offered to help us get set-up with another company since we had booked through him, she was offered no such deal. He had told her she would have to seek a refund through Groupon, and since her wedding was a LOT sooner than ours was, she was NOT very happy. Eventually, it all worked out for her in the end, too, but there was definitely a rough couple weeks while it was all getting figured out.

Did you take advantage of any Groupons while planning your wedding? Did they work out in the end, or did you run into any issues along the way?