The Buffalo Wedding: The One with the Group Photos

After our First Look was over we began to take our group photos. The guys had taken their guys-only photos while we had finished getting ready, so at least that part was out of the way. Poor Mr. B, he really doesn’t like posing for photos. Of course, not only did he want to remember our Wedding day, but he is well aware that when you pay that much money for photos, you need to just smile and get over it! I had sent M a collage of what I considered our MUST-have photos earlier that week (and printed out an extra copy–just in case) and we set to work. I’ve got to hand it to M, not only did she work her butt off ALL day, but she got every shot I requested! Here are some of my favorites!   


I LOVE the porch at the Bailey House! It is perfect for photos! / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography


This is us pretty much making fun of the photos I’ve taken when I drink too much…/ Photo Credit Quartiano Photography



I love the serious and funny versions of this one / Photo Credit Quartiano PhotographyIMG_0593 IMG_0595

I’ll admit I definitely got the idea for this photo off of Pinterest (and am surprised Mr. B was on board!) But GM R took it to a whole new level (as usual)…/ Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

IMG_0628 IMG_0655


The ones with just me & the Bridesmaids are some of my favorites as well! / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography


This one is really special to me, because I think it truly embraces the personality of all of our friends, and M did such an excellent job creating the collage! (It also took a lot of convincing to get GM Vegas to take his photo without the champagne bottle he had been carrying around!) / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

Where did you find inspiration for your group photos? Did you pick out what shots you wanted or just let your photographer do what they thought was best?

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