The Buffalo Wedding: The One With the First Look

While I have no regrets about not having an actual wedding rehearsal, I do kind of regret not practicing, or at least putting much thought into, our first look. At the time I thought, how complicated could this be? I’ve seen a gazillion photos on pinterest, I walk up behind him and he sees me for the first time. Simple. OK, not so simple. Things I forgot to consider: the spot I selected meant people would be watching, there will be photos taken, and big D’OH moment: I walk fast. Like FAST. I didn’t really think about slowing down to you know, capture the moment? It’s quite amazing that M was able to get any decent photos at all. Not to mention that once I got to Mr. B it was awkward. Not awkward for us, per se, it was in fact very us. But more just awkward in photos. Despite M’s best effort, I did a horrible job preparing for this part of the day, which was reflected in the photos. Boo to my lack of preparation. I pretty much walked as slowly as I could (which isn’t that slow), walked up behind him and gave him a hug from behind before he turned around. MAYBE the awkwardness is more in how I’m remembering it than anything else. Either way, looking back this is probably the biggest thing I would have put more thought into.


Mr. B looking out over the ceremony site waiting for me / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

IMG_0467 copy

This is by far my absolute favorite photo of myself from our wedding! I’m so thankful that M was able to capture it! / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

 IMG_0479 IMG_0480  IMG_0485

Photos credit Quartiano Photography

Mr. B was so excited to finally see me in the dress I had talked so much about! Not to mention it meant that we could begin all the fun group photos (Mr. B usually HATES posing for photos) and then GET MARRIED.

Did you have a first look? Did it go exactly as planned or did you have to play it by ear?

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