The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where the Boys Get Ready

While we were busy getting beautified, the boys finished setting up the ceremony site and then started to get ready themselves. Since I wasn’t directly involved in this portion of their day (and have NO idea what they were actually doing!) I will try to let the pictures do the talking.

Shortly after I finished filling out Mr. B’s card, our lovely photographer, M, went to deliver it to him!IMG_0199 Mr. B reading my note! / Photo credit Quartiano Photography


And showing off the t-shirt I had made for him (seriously, I honestly was concerned he liked the shirt better than the watch, he wore it every chance he got on the honeymoon!) / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

IMG_0255 copy


GM R ironing Little K’s dress shirt / Photos Credit Quartiano Photography 

IMG_0298 copy

IMG_0302Have I mentioned that GM R takes some pretty awesome & funny photos?/ Photos Credit Quartiano Photography 


IMG_0351 copyI love these group ones too, they are all focusing REALLY hard on their ties! / Photos Credit Quartiano Photography

IMG_0376 copy

GM R helping Mr. B with is tie / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography


This one of my favorite shots of Mr. B from that day, I love his smile in it! / Photo Credit Quartiano Photography

Overall, the guys looked like they had just as much fun getting ready as we did…and probably just as much champagne (or maybe that was just GM Vegas).

Did your groom have fun getting ready with all his friends? Did your photographer capture any fun shots?

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