The Buffalo Wedding: The One Where We Get Ready

After finally sitting in the makeup chair and having the day start to feel real, that’s when the actual fun started! I had such an amazing time getting ready with my favorite girls! Of course who doesn’t have fun hanging with their favorite people sipping champagne (or in my case, apple cider)? Since I was pretty much the last person in rotation for hair and makeup, all my favorite ladies already looked beautiful before I even sat down! Thankfully our wonderful photographer M had gotten some fun photos of the girls getting ready while I was still running around!


MOH S getting her makeup done / Photo credit Quartiano Photography


BM T pouring some champagne/ Photo credit Quartiano Photography




Getting my hair and makeup done / Photos credit Quartiano Photography

Other than getting my hair and makeup done, there were still a couple things I needed to complete; I had worked really hard secretly getting Mr. B a wedding present (I SUCK at secrets) but I still hadn’t filled out his card! It’s amazing how hard it was to put all the thoughts buzzing around in my head on paper that day! There was just so much to say and nowhere near enough space to write it on. Thankfully I was able to get it together and write him one last love note before becoming his wife.

 Once Mr. B’s gift was put together and sent to him via M (so she could get pictures of him opening it!) the girls and I needed to start our Thumbprint guestbook. As stupid as it sounds, I wanted the girls to get their thumbprints on the canvas first so our other guests would understand that their fingerprints were supposed to be balloons and not just random dots on canvas. The girls had so much fun being the first to sign it, but I can’t exactly say that all of our guests followed their examples; we definitely had more than one randomly floating balloon.


The Buffalo Bridesmaids signing our guestbook / Photos credit Quartiano Photography

Finally, it was time for me to get into my wedding dress! As many brides before me and many many after me will attest, getting into your wedding dress on your wedding day is such an amazing feeling! And thankfully despite some minor concerns—mine fit! Once we were dressed and ready it was time to do the first look!



Photos Credit Quartiano Photography

At what moment on your wedding day did you have that “OMG I’m getting married today!” feeling?

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