The Buffalo Wedding: Ready for the Weekend to begin

One of the great things about our wedding venue was that we had it from Thursday through Sunday. So the Thursday before the wedding, Mr. B, GM R and I headed up the mountain with two full carloads of wedding stuff ready to get this show on the road. Seriously, our cars were STUFFED to the brim with (almost) everything we would need for the next few days of festivities. A couple of hours later we had arrived at Bailey’s and the guys were excited and ready to unload the cars!


Mr. B and GM R on the porch of the Bailey House

Ok, they weren’t quite as excited about unloading the car as they were about the well stocked pond and the prospect of fishing once the cars were empty. But excited is excited. So once everything was in the house, the boys set off for the pond and I got busy setting everything up relaxing.

The next day was when everyone was set to arrive so I spent the morning running around getting as much done for the Rehearsal dinner as possible. Mr. B spent the morning helping, but as soon as his friends started to arrive, all the guys conveniently re-located to the pond and the girls hung out up at the house. When M got there, she got busy making the cake, and the BM’s and I finished setting up for the upcoming rehearsal dinner and occasionally helped as taste testers for our delicious cake.


GM R sneaking a cookie before heading to the pond


Me and MOH S watching the guys fish IMG_0996

M working on the bottom tier of the cake IMG_0997

MOH S tasting the yummy frosting

After a long afternoon filled with fishing and cake testing, a lot less wedding set-up then we probably should have done, and more reminders then should have been necessary, the guys finally came up from the pond so we could all get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The Carriage House was set up and we were just waiting on a couple of stragglers from the bridal party to arrive so wedding weekend could OFFICIALLY begin!

Did you have your wedding venue available for a leisurely set-up? Or did you have to get it all done the day of?

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