The Buffalos Roam: Adventures in Maui, Part 1

If you had asked me pre-pregnancy what Mr. B and I planned to do while on our Honeymoon, you would have gotten lots of different answers. I would likely have told you things like zip-lining and hiking; zip-lining because I’d never done it (and the Honeymoon is the perfect time to try new things) and hiking because it is one of our favorite things to do on vacation. Things on the top of Mr. B’s list would likely have been hanging out at the beach and snorkeling; the first of which I was definitely willing to compromise on (we were, after all, going to Hawaii) and the 2nd of which I said I’d think about (which, trust me, is improvement). But when I found out I would be pregnant on the Honeymoon, we had to adjust our plans for adventure.

We arrived in Maui around 5:45pm, right when it was getting dark, and since it was a Sunday night, there wasn’t much to do in the way of adventures. So we scouted out what turned out to be a great (and quick!) dinner (more on that in the upcoming food post) and called it a night. The next morning we set out on our way towards Wailea to see what adventure we could stumble across. Seeing as it was still pretty early (thank you time change!), nothing seemed to be open, so we just kept on driving. We followed the road all the way til it ended at Makena Beach and got out to walk around. Now, prior to leaving the condo that morning, we hadn’t discussed any strenuous activities, and while I did bring a bathing suit in my bag, I had worn a strapless bra under my sundress (not a mistake I would make again). So when Mr. B decided he wanted to take a mini-hike as I call it (ok, it wasn’t REALLY a Hike, but it definitely was more than a stroll in the park, and definitely more than my strapless bra was willing to commit to) I wasn’t completely on-board right away. It was a beautiful walk though, and we saw a lot of beautiful scenery and a LOT of wild goats!


One of the many goats we saw! We loved that this one was on the beach!


IMG_1098I made Mr. B take so many photos!IMG_1102

Isn’t it pretty?


Mr. B is A LOT more adventurous than I am

After our adventures in Makena, we headed back to Wailea for a fantastic lunch (more on that later), and to scout out a jeweler where Mr. B could get his watch sized. Despite how unexciting THAT adventure was for me, it sure made him happy to wear his new watch the proper way, so I can’t complain!

The next day we were off to spend the day (or so we thought) in Lahaina. Lahaina was one of those places I fondly remembered from our family trips to Maui as a kid, and I was so excited to take Mr. B (even though its MAINLY shopping, something I KNOW he despises). We decided to start our day off at the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium so we could see some fish (and hopefully turtles) in about as close of a capacity as I can tolerate. (It was super windy that day, so the beach and snorkeling were out anyways).


Mr. B Checking out the fish


It kind of looks like I took this while swimming underwater, right? No? Mr. B didn’t think so either.


He dared me to touch the sea slug. I SWEAR I did, he will forever disagree!


I had NO problem with the starfish, though!


Sadly, the only turtles we saw our entire trip! Too bad, I promised Mr. B if he could find sea turtles, I would get into the water!

Coming up next: our trip to the Haleakala Crater, the Seven Sacred Pools, and LOTS of yummy food.

Did you have to adjust any of your honeymoon plans at the last-minute? Was it worth it in the end?


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