The Buffalos Roam: Honeymoon in Maui

As I mentioned here, the Buffalos were graciously gifted a honeymoon in Maui! We set off the morning after the wedding, and because of the distance from our wedding venue, we needed to leave by 9:30am. Now, on a normal day, 9:30am is not that early. And since I’m pregnant, I wake up pretty early (since i go to bed relatively early), BUT we were responsible for clean-up. And I’m a control freak. SO, despite all the trust I have in my friends and family, I was more than a little nervous about not being able to supervise help the clean-up process.

Since our flight left San Diego in the early afternoon, even with the time change we didn’t arrive in Hawaii until nearly sundown, and by the time we got to our condo it was already dark! We dropped off our bags and headed in search of food since we hadn’t eaten since the beginning of the plane ride, and let’s face it, the food on planes isn’t exactly gourmet. We found an AWESOME little Italian place (which I will review in my separate, and VERY necessary post on the AMAZING restaurants in Maui).

The next morning Mr. B and I were ready to kick off our Hawaiian adventures around the island including sightseeing, a little bit of snorkeling (much to my dismay), a lot of shopping (to Mr. B’s dismay) and lots and lots of food. But before we could set off, Mr. B had to take in the amazing early morning view from our lanai.

Mr. B enjoying the early morning view! He loved being that close to the beach!

Hive, I can’t wait to share the rest of our Hawaiian adventures with you! Stay tuned for more posts about our fun in the sun as The Buffalos roam Maui!

Did you leave for you honeymoon immediately after your wedding? Or did you give yourselves a couple of days to recuperate?

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