The one thing that Mr. B REALLY wanted for our wedding was a photo booth. Now he didn’t ask for a lot, but initially, it just wasn’t in the budget. Then one day, a few months into planning, BM K called to tell me to check Groupon because there was a promo for Photo booth rentals! Now, at that point, I had never actually purchased a Groupon. While it was a GREAT deal, I was more than a little paranoid that I would pay the money up front and then my date wouldn’t be available! (I clearly did not understand the Groupon return policy at that point either). So I called the company first to inquire if my date was even an option. Boy am I glad I did, too! The owner, Kevin, told me that my day was, in fact, available, but that if it was OK with me, he’d rather honor the Groupon pricing but have us book directly through him. By reserving them that way, I simply had to put down a $100 deposit, and I felt much better then having to worry about going through Groupon. Mr. B and I were so excited that we would be able to have awesome photos of our guests with fun props at a great price, and I was happy that Mr. B was able to get the main thing he wanted all along.

A few weeks after booking our photo booth, Kevin called me back to tell me that one of their booths had been damaged, and was not insured leaving them down a booth. He said they would be unable to work our wedding, but had talked to another company and they were available and willing to take over our booking. Since I had paid our $100 deposit, and the company he would be transferring us to required a $200 deposit, he offered to pay the difference of $100 for the inconvenience. Since we were already planning on the photo booth, and the new company’s pricing wasn’t too far off from what we were originally planning to pay when the extra $100 was factored in, we graciously accepted this offer and transferred our booking to Sterling Photobooths.

Now, originally, my Supervisor at work had ALSO booked with the original company, only she had purchased the rental through Groupon. While Kevin had graciously offered to help us get set-up with another company since we had booked through him, she was offered no such deal. He had told her she would have to seek a refund through Groupon, and since her wedding was a LOT sooner than ours was, she was NOT very happy. Eventually, it all worked out for her in the end, too, but there was definitely a rough couple weeks while it was all getting figured out.

Did you take advantage of any Groupons while planning your wedding? Did they work out in the end, or did you run into any issues along the way?


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