Our Little Secret

OK, in retrospect, what seemed like “our little secret” in the last month before the wedding, was in fact quite a big secret. Also, while this is the first time I will be revealing it to the hive, I will say I suck at secrets in real life, and am a horrendous liar, so it didn’t stay a complete secret very long at all.

The Monday before our joint Bachelorette, I woke up Mr. B rather abruptly to shove a surprise in his face. I was so overjoyed, I could barely contain my excitement. Being completely asleep, it was difficult for him to immediately share in my excitement. Of course if you had this shoved in your face at 5:30am in the dark, you would probably be confused, too.

Yep, that’s right my friends, Mr. B and I are expecting a Baby Buffalo!

Now, this wasn’t completely a surprise, and as excited as we were, finding out 4 days before Bachelorette weekend wasn’t exactly GREAT timing! Mostly because (and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed) I’m a “let’s look at the worst case scenario first” type person. And personally, I’d always planned on keeping it a COMPLETE secret for 12 weeks! I spent 4 days worrying about how I would manage to keep anyone from noticing that I wasn’t drinking! Thankfully, I’m not a huge drinker ANYWAYS, so I had that in my favor, but it’s a BACHELORETTE party, and while no one expected me to get plastered, I knew they’d expect me to at least enjoy a few drinks. I know some of you may be thinking it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I told people, but since it was a JOINT Bachelorette party, I felt like it would be selfish of me to tell everyone and shift focus away from the fact that MOH S and I were BOTH getting married. So I planned to keep my mouth shut. Only that’s something easier said than done in my case! I came to the boards in search of advice on how to disguise it and got some great ideas! I think the ONLY reason I lasted almost the ENTIRE weekend without anyone noticing was that I had let BM K (who was also expecting) in on the secret, and she bought me virgin drinks! No one seemed to notice that I wasn’t drinking, since I APPEARED to be drinking! The bridal shower was pretty easy too, and of course by that time MOH S & the other bridesmaids were in on the secret, too.

The wedding flew by so fast, and thankfully the people we spent the most time with were in on it, and therefore it wasn’t as stressful to keep the secret as it could have been. Once we were safely past the 12 week mark, we let our parents (and eventually, everyone) in on our little secret, and we couldn’t be happier! Looking back though, it definitely added a lot more stress (and fatigue) to all those projects I saved for the last-minute (I’m such a procrastinator).

Did anything exciting happen to you in the last couple months of planning that caused you to re-evaluate your planning approach? Was it all worth it in the end like it was for us?

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