The Thumbprint Guestbook Bandwagon

I can officially say that Mr. B and I officially were part of this growing trend. Back when we first got engaged, I didn’t put much thought into guest books. I clearly was more concerned with finding the right locationband and dress and some of the smaller elements were just not that important to me yet. I’d always seen cute guest book inspiration like this:

Small Talk - Conversation Starter Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Conversation Starter Guest books

Image via etsy shop Nostalgic Imprints

alternative, black, boho, guestbook, quilt, Table, white, monogram, modern , St. Louis, Missouri

Or this Guest book Quilt

Image via

But then one day, I received a Wedding Channel deal from The Knot. I never really got them very often, and when I did, they were never for anything I found useful. Until this one email offered a Personalized Thumbprint guest book for 50% off the regular price from Tear Drop Weddings! It didn’t take me long to realize it was worth the $30, and knowing I had 6 months to redeem it, I knew if I changed my mind, I could always offer it to MOH S. I finally got around to ordering it in March, and it took almost a month for me to get it, but it was definitely worth the wait.

The best part about the personalization at Tear Drop Weddings is that they add a caricature of the bride and groom at the bottom! This is the photo that I sent them of me and Mr. B

Photo Personal

And this is what I got back

Image via Tear Drop Weddings / Cropped by Me to show Caricatures

I think it came out pretty darn awesome! And thankfully Mr. B agreed. Since I cropped it to show the detail in the caricatures, you may or may not be able to tell that we are holding balloon strings so that our guests’ thumbprints could be the balloons. This was Mr. B’s choice, as my first choice had us sitting under a tree, with their thumbprints being the leaves. But seeing as I picked so many things for our wedding, I let Mr. B have that one.

How did you decide on what type of guest book to have?


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