Getting Showered with Love

MOH S scheduled my Bridal Shower for the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, and I was so grateful for the day of rest before and after! S wanted my shower to be a complete surprise, so I didn’t even get an invitation! I was told what time to be there–15 minutes early so that I could complete one task before the guests arrived–filling out our “Almost Newlywed Game” questions! Now, in all truth, I kind of knew about that one, since Mr. B thought it was important to ask me if  “S had emailed me the questions too”. But he was very careful not to give me any of the questions (or his answers) once he realized the point of the game, so I was on my own.

Once the guests started arriving the shower took off. I felt so loved to have so many of my family and friends show up to celebrate my upcoming wedding! One of my favorite surprises was that S had given everyone a recipe card to fill out with their favorite recipes and then she compiled them into my very own cookbook! I guess she knows how much I love to be in the kitchen!

As far as the answers to the Almost Newlywed Game…I was surprisingly on-point. My only pitfall was that one some questions, I was trying to decide between two answers and usually I picked the wrong one! So even though everyone else got a laugh out of it, I had the self-satisfaction of knowing I was right.

My answers to the Almost NewlyWed Game (before crossing out the incorrect answers)

The awesome spread MOH S put together–EVERYTHING was good, but those round cucumber ranch finger sandwiches were the BEST!

Me and the FANTASTIC MOH S before everyone arrived

The cutting board from my Mom that has our wedding slogan!

S’s Mom got me a Buccaneers Picnic Basket! (Mr. B says he will not carry said basket, no matter how heavy it is)

Did anyone go above and beyond the call of duty to throw you a shower? Did they manage to keep the details a surprise?

All Photos Personal or via FSMIL V


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