Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

At the end of August MOH S and I had our joint Bachelorette party weekend. Although, the concept was both of ours, S definitely did the bulk of the planning, and she is great at it! We decided to stay in town to make it cost-effective, so we stayed downtown at one of the big hotels on the harbor. We rented a cabana by the pool for the day and invited all of our close friends down to celebrate with us. Saturday morning as I went to pick BM’s J &T up, the weather was disgusting, and kind of discouraging to us, knowing we were planning on sitting poolside all day. But by the time we went up to the room to change into our suits and returned to the pool the sun was out and shining! Before we could go change, however, we had to give our lovely Bridesmaids their favors! Here’s a photo of V, one of S’s bridesmaids, with hers!

Image via V’s FB

After changing and returning to find sunshine, we officially started the party! People slowing started showing up and we lounged around the pool in true bachelorette party style.

Me & MOH S starting out the day

Me & BM K

BM J, BM T, MOH S, and V in the pool


Me & my Bridal Party

MOH S & her Bridal Party



Our whole group!

 After our AWESOME day at the pool, we headed up to our hotel rooms to get ready for a fun night out! We had dinner reservations at Bar Basic at 8, and needed to get there on time. Around 7:40pm, we headed to the lobby bar to meet up with everyone before grabbing a cab to the restaurant.

Me and K before heading to the lobby


The Whole group before getting into the Super Groovy Hotel van

Me and J in the Van (there were STROBE lights!)

After leaving the hotel, we headed to Bar Basic for some amazing pizza and drinks! They make the BEST mashed potato-bacon pizza! YUMMM.

Me and BM T at Basic

After Basic, we headed across the street to a bar called the Corner, and played some Jenga while having some drinks. Overall, it was a great night!! I will admit that a few of us headed back to the hotel earlier than others to catch up on sleep! I definitely was drained from a long day in the sun. It was such a great weekend, I really couldn’t have asked for better friends.

Did you have a traditional Bachelorette party? Or do a joint celebration like me and S?


All photos personal unless otherwise noted


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