32 Days!

Let me tell you, it has been one busy week around here. And not necessarily in a good way. Coming up to the last month has definitely been stressful. But this post isn’t about all the stress, it’s about all the fun stuff I’ve accomplished! For starters, we got our rings!! Well, FI’s still has to go get sized and engraved, but mine is in our possession! Check it out:

In the box

And on my finger!!

I also managed to finish our table numbers! I definitely spread it across a few days,  but the important thing is they are all finished! What do you think?

I also put the names on our plastic cups for poolside on Saturday. Seriously, rhinestone letter stickers, are not as simple to maneuver as one might think. Actually, they kind of suck.

Some of the letters are actually different heights, and yes, they CAME that way! But they still look ok, right?

And now, as the 30 day mark rapidly approaches, the fun part really begins: making large payments!

Did you get a lot of projects accomplished this week? Did it relieve some of the stress, or only make it worse?

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