Numbering our Tables

OK, I have to admit, this is one DIY project I not only put off starting until 37 days before the wedding, but I completely put off THINKING about starting it. That’s right: I didn’t even decide on what I was going to do until less than two months out! It’s true I did have a vague idea of what I wanted, but as far as actually implementing said project? I was definitely behind. Luckily, Michael’s was having a huge sale that weekend with 25% off your total purchase, and I was finally going to commit.

My general idea consisted of making good use of the (tons of) extra burlap scrapbook paper I had from making my own envelope liners. I decided that the burlap paper would look great in a white frame, with the table number in white. The first decision I made, was to get unfinished wood frames, and paint them myself. This would a) give me control over the finished look, and b) also keep costs down. But then of course there are multiple unfinished frames to choose from. When I first arrived at Michael’s, I noticed that they had unfinished frames on sale for 2/$1, when you factor in my 25% off coupon, that’s 2/$.75! I stocked my basket full of more than I needed, and continued on with my shopping. When I finally got in the long line to checkout, I further inspected the frames. While the price was great, and the quality was good enough. There was no glass or backing to the frame.So my scrapbook paper would basically just be sitting in the frame; not exactly the image I had been going for. So I returned to the wood craft aisle and pushed all my frames back onto the shelf. I then stood there for 20 minutes pondering where I should go from there. And then I saw these:

While I wouldn’t need to hang them, I looked at the bigger picture, and thought if I could take them apart, the frame would be the perfect size, and while $4.99 for 3 frames wasn’t as good as 2/$1, it was much better than some of my other options. They didn’t have enough for my total project, but I bought all they had since it was enough to get started.

First, I detached the frames from one another

Then, I had FI remove the glass and backing to prevent them being ruined by my poor painting skills 

 Then I used 3 coats of Martha Stewart Satin paint in Wedding Cake (fitting, don’t you think?)

Once the paint dried, I added in my square of burlap paper, with a centered table number. And Voila! My first table number was done!

Overall, I love how it turned out! And honestly, this project is so simple, and can be customized for any color scheme or theme. If you are looking for an easy, even last-minute way to do table numbers without using the boring traditional options, I highly suggest doing them. It didn’t take me that much time, or money, and even the least crafty person could figure it out.

Cost Breakdown:

Frames: 6 @$4.99 + 25% off coupon = $24.50

Martha Stewart Satin Paint: 2 @ $1.99 + 25% off coupon = $3.25

Scrapbook Paper: Already had

Marker and Paint brushes: Already had

Total: $27.75 or $1.54 per table!


Have you finished making your table numbers? Did you go the DIY route? Or purchase them and make it easy on yourself?

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