I’m in the zone

The highly disorganized, I have tons of time, I’d rather just be lazy than complete wedding projects zone.

The super-oppressive heat we’re experiencing right now simply doesn’t help the situation.

And not only has this zone affected my ability to complete the projects I have left, but it has also made me crazy forgetful. I’ll be on my hour-long commute home, make a mental list (since I’m driving) of what I need to do when I finally get there, and by the time I open my front door, I can’t remember what it was I needed to do. So I do nothing.

I somehow managed to forget not only my camera cord today (which I always carry), but my memory stick. That memory stick has my entire life on it. All the pictures I need, and most importantly, my wedding spreadsheet. If there is one thing that makes me completely lost during the day when I don’t have it, well, it’s my iphone. But if there is a second thing, it is my memory stick. I vowed to myself that this would be the week I turned my laziness into productivity. But to no avail, here I am, again, without the rudimentary supplies to set my week off right.

I also had a super awesome post planned, recapping K & M’s wedding, and what it taught me about the finishing touches on my planning. But it is no use to write it without the photos (since, seriously, what’s a wedding recap without photos??). So I’ll save it for later!

Did you fall into that zone in the last couple months leading to your wedding? Were you as frustrated as I am with doing nothing? Do you have any advice for getting me out of this funk?


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