Favors for our Favorite Ladies

Now that I’ve told you the details of the super-awesome joint Bachelorette Party we planned, I can tell you about one of my favorite elements of it: the favors for our Bridesmaids! Originally, I would never have guessed I’d be planning my own Bachelorette (well, I really never thought I’d have one at all). In my mind, it’s something the MOH or Bridemaids would plan in your honor. But since S is my MOH, and I’m hers, we’re planning it for ourselves (which knowing me, is great, since I hate relinquishing control), and planning it has been the best part!

About a month before the Bachelorette,  S emailed me with a suggestion for what we should give our ‘Maids as a favor at the Bachelorette. The suggestion she had was FANTASTIC! I wish I had come with it myself (and perhaps, had the idea of gifts for our ‘Maids at the Bachelorette crossed my mind, maybe I would have!). You see as I was planning my thank you gifts for my bridal party, her suggestion had kept popping up in my many emails from the Knot, and I loved it! It just wouldn’t work for our wedding for a number of reasons, the most important being we’re getting married on a MOUNTAIN. Now if we were having a tropical destination wedding like BM K had, or a local beach wedding like MOH S is having, this might work, but we’re not, so I left the idea behind and moved on to something else. So when S suggested it as a favor for our pool day bachelorette party I immediately said YES!! If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about Wet Bikini Bags!!

Image via The Knot

They were on a great sale and we were able to snag these babies for $8.99 each! We got blue ones for my bridesmaids, green ones for hers and white ones for us! We decided to forgo the extra personalization (for $8 more) and personalize them ourselves. Also, since we had decided to only get them for our bridesmaids who were sharing our hotel rooms, we decided to stuff them with fun pool day must-haves too! The week before we were able to sit down and do the personalization and stuff them, and they turned out great!

Our DIY personalization (this one is BM K’s!)

With everything we stuffed inside: TicTac’s, Advil, lip balm, mini sunscreen & lotion and a mini bottle of champagne (K’s is sparkling cider since she is expecting!)

We also got them plastic re-usable cups for by the pool that we didn’t have with us, but they won’t fit in the bag anyways! I will say though, these bags are WAY bigger than I expected. I was thinking they’d measure 5″ x 7″, which would’ve been large enough to hold a bikini in my mind. But these are definitely bigger than a standard sheet of paper, which means more room to hold fun stuff! I definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a fun, beach-oriented gift for your ‘Maids!

Did you plan a fun surprise for your ‘Maids for any pre-wedding activities? Are you like me and love to spoil the people who mean the most to you?

All Photos Personal unless otherwise noted


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