Practice Makes Perfect

For the reception of course!

One of the most important steps to take in order to ensure things go smoothly on Wedding Day is having a rehearsal. I know some people skip this step, but to me it’s important; especially when you consider our wedding will be outdoors, and the majority of our wedding party will be seeing the venue for the first time that weekend. Since we have Bailey’s Thursday through Sunday, it was really up to us when to we wanted to schedule it, and with everyone’s work schedules, Friday night was just the most logical time. In order to have a wedding rehearsal, you must first have a plan for the ceremony, which is something I didn’t finish until like the week before (not that it surprises me, nor should it surprise you!). So my lack of pre-planning a ceremony aside, one of the best parts of having a wedding rehearsal is having a rehearsal DINNER. Or a pre-reception as some may call it, and lets face it, planning the pre-reception is so much harder to procrastinate on!

As I’ve mentioned many, MANY times, I LOVE our venue. But when it came down to planning our rehearsal dinner, it made me more than a little bit frustrated. You see, Palomar Mountain is BEAUTIFUL, but it is also a very low populated MOUNTAIN. There is ONE SMALL general store, and ONE SMALL restaurant. In February, we took GM R, BM K and Little K up to the venue to check it out. After we left, we were STARVING. So we figured we’d try the restaurant to see what it was like (OK, I only cared about scoping it out for a rehearsal location). Mother’s Kitchen was a cute little place, and it seemed to be a popular stop for biker’s cruising the beautiful scenery on the weekend.

Image via New Desert Times 

We were so hungry that at first we didn’t even notice that the menu was completely vegetarian. Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes vegetarian food can me more delicious and filling than food with meat, but when it comes to a potential rehearsal dinner, I just can’t picture a completely vegetarian menu. The fact that we stood there for 10 minutes without even being acknowledged didn’t help either. FBIL K and FSIL, however, LOVE Mother’s Kitchen and stop in every time they’re up the mountain, so I asked their opinion. But even they agreed it probably wasn’t right for our rehearsal dinner. So back to square one I went!

Did you have to overcome any obstacles when trying to plan your rehearsal dinner? Or was picking out a location easy?


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