Everyone needs to be on the SAME page

I realized a couple of months before the wedding, that it wasn’t only about me being prepared for the wedding. It was also about the Bridal Party being prepared. After all the chaos that I have seen unfold at friend’s weddings in their last couple months, and knowing that our wedding was (slightly) out-of-town, I knew that getting everyone together and on the same page was very important.

So back in April, I sent out a Facebook invite setting aside a day in the last 60 days where the entire bridal party could get together, I could disseminate information (and also KNOW they got it) and everyone could have one last chance to hang out before the hectic-ness of the last THIRTY days set in. To be honest, I had visions of grandeur for this BBQ. I pictured myself having packets of handouts and schedules and lists. I figured we’d push a couple picnic tables together and I would stand in front of them like a CEO at a large board meeting explaining to them, in detail, what was going to go down. YYYYEAH. That did NOT happen. When it came down to it, it was more about everyone enjoying themselves: the guys at the BBQ, the ring bearers getting to play together in the sand, the girls talking about the disorganization of the guys, actually getting to sit down and (briefly) meet with M about cake (bottom line, I trust her to make it perfect with no direction whatsoever).While everyone was eating I went between two tables bringing up the miscellaneous things I did need to discuss, trying to keep it casual and trying not to come off as a bridezilla dictator. But at the end of the day, the BBQ was awesome! And I’m so glad we had the chance and forethought to plan it!

Here are some awesome photos of the event!

GM R, MOH S, BM T & BM J (and S’s FI in the background)

GM R, Mr. B, Mr. B’s Bro K, GM Vegas by the grill

BM N & his girlfriend M

 Ring Bearers N & K enjoying the sand at the yacht club

Our Two group Pics (minus BM J who had to leave early, and GM E who didn’t make it).

The first Serious, the second, with my signature hands move. Have I mentioned how many awesome friends we have?

Did you do anything fun with your bridal party in the last couple months before the wedding? Did you make it a formal meeting, or decide to just let it be a relaxed fun time?

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