Procrastinating on not-so-little-things

One thing that I successfully managed to procrastinate on was who was going to do my make-up. I honestly went back and forth about it, but really, just kept putting off making any kind of decision. I’d go an entire month thinking I’d just buy nice makeup and do it myself. But then, in May, while watching my friend T finish her makeup before we went out I came to the revelation that I.SUCK.AT.DOING.MAKEUP. I mean, this is a fact I’ve always known, but my false confidence in thinking that I could “wing it” for my wedding day finally struck a chord with me. But that only lasted a week or so, and two months later there I was, still without a MUA and still without a plan.

Thankfully, my friend V knew how to help, she gave me the contact info of one of her friends, who she goes to for hair and make-up, and knew would be able to help me…IF she was still available. And lo and behold, a little over two months before, she was, of course, already booked. This is when panic set it. I spent a couple of days agonizing over the fact that it wasn’t that I WANTED to do my own makeup, now I was going to HAVE to do my own makeup!

But then V came through again, and this time the MUA she suggested WAS available! (and I breathed a GIANT sigh of relief) L was so nice over email, and I was easily able to set up a trial with her. My only hope with the MU trial was to have it on a day that I would be able to appreciate looking great (i.e., not cleaning day), since I did have to pay full price for the trial.

I didn’t know what I wanted out of my wedding day make-up, but L definitely hit it out of the park! I LOVED my wedding day look, and let me tell you, I did not make it easy on her with my crazy sunburn from the company picnic! What do you think?


Right after the Make-up trial

And four hours later (and yes, my face was as RED as my chest!)

I LOVE how my make-up came out, and am glad that I let her do what she thought would look best. Did you have a distinct vision for your wedding day make-up? Or were you like me, and left those kinds of decisions to the professionals? Either way, were you happy with your decision (or thankful you did a trial to avoid disaster on your wedding day)?

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