Oh yea, there’s a ceremony

It is so easy to get caught up in all the wedding planning hoopla. And by that, I of course mean the planning of the reception. There are so many details involved in planning the reception that it is extremely easy (really, it’s TOO easy) to forget that you also need to plan the ceremony. After all, the ceremony is the REASON YOU’RE HAVING A RECEPTION. This may not apply to every bride, I’m sure that the Brides that choose to have their ceremony in a religious facility, or even have a religious or other professional officiant probably receives guidance and timelines from them. We, however, fall into none of those categories. We’re getting married at our mountaintop venue, and FI’s brother, is our officiant. While he has officiated a wedding before, he’s far from a professional officiant, and he is looking at us to tell him how we want the ceremony to go.

Every time we’ve seen him the past couple months, he has definitely asked what the plan is, and every time he asks, I think to myself “I guess I better get a move on that”. And then I get back to reception details and promptly forget until we see him again. But now, here we are, like 51 days out, and I need to get a move on!

This past week, I’ve made at least a small effort to check things off my “oh yea, there’s a ceremony” to-do list. Mostly the things pertaining to readings, which I will save for the next post. But I still have to come up with the unity ceremony (since, as I previously mentioned, there will be no unity candle) and something significant, but not overpowering to honor my sister…is releasing a balloon too over-played? Maybe? See, it’s not easy to decide these things.

Did you save some of the most important and significant things (like planning the ceremony) for last? Or was the ceremony the first thing checked off your to-do list?


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