BYOB, Part 3

Now, of all the “tastings”, this one was by far my FAVORITE. It was also the most spread out (yes, even more so than the beer!). Champagne has recently become one of the drinks I actually enjoy indulging in! I’m not MUCH of a drinker (with all the alcohol we’ve purchased in the past month, you may not believe me, though!) and when I do have a couple, I like it to be something that I actually ENJOY. Champagne was one of those drinks in the gray area: we’re only doing beer and wine, and we’re using mason jars as glasses, so with the exception of water glasses, our guests can use the same glass all night. With that concept in mind, I just always figured that our guests could toast with whatever drink they happened to have in their hand, right? WRONG. Mr. B said that it’s not a wedding without champagne. I re-explained our mason jar concept, and that it would completely defeat the purpose if we also got champagne glasses, especially when most people don’t drink champagne just to drink it! He agreed, only his new idea was even more silly. “Well, then we will only get champagne for the head table.” This is why women plan weddings, I couldn’t help thinking, but I had to politely inform him that would not do, because unfortunately, that was rude, and it had to be available for everyone or not at all. I secretly hoped he’d say ok, “not at all, then”, but he didn’t. So our search began.  When I picked up our wine at BevMo, I picked up some champagne that was also on the soon-to-be-ending 5 cent wine sale.

Similarly to the beer, we went a full two days talking about tasting them before any progression was made in ACTUALLY tasting the champagne. I decided to take a bottle to our bi-annual boat trip in honor of my sister so that we could toast to her. Everyone on the boat doubled as wedding guests, so I figured it would be a good audience for tasting. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, except for Bucky, whose general opinion was apparently different from his “wedding opinion”. He didn’t think it was sweet enough…So I went on a two-day search for something sweeter, possibly a moscato?

Since I had a SPECIFIC moscato in mind, I stopped by Costco in time for Sunday dinner so we could taste it. I love EVERYTHING Stella Rosa, and I’m a sucker for a pretty bottle. (and, if we’re being honest, I’d been looking for an excuse to pick this one up)

OK, I couldn’t wait long enough to take a photo before opening it

Mr. B liked the Moscato, but he said it was almost too sweet. I really like the moscato, but agreed, it was REALLY sweet, and although it was bubbly, it wasn’t AS bubbly as good ole’ champagne. So we ended up deciding on one of the 5 cent sale champagnes, and just in time too! I ordered online the night of the 15th, and didn’t pick up until after the sale was over on the 17th! Man, am I thankful for online shopping!

Was picking out all your alcohol an adventure like it was for us? (Does your living room make you look as alcoholic as ours makes us look?)

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