BYOB, Part 2

While I did have to shop around for the wine and champagne (more on that in the 3rd BYOB installment) I am very fortunate to have a “hook-up” for the beer. Thankfully, FSIL S’s family owns one of the most popular breweries in town, and is going to help us with getting the kegs of beer! Now all that was left to decide is which beer we would choose.

FSIL S sent me a list of what beer would be available in kegs for our wedding date, and I decided to stop by the liquor store to pick up some bombers of the various beers. Of course, what didn’t occur to me (a non-beer drinker) is that the liquor store wouldn’t carry all of the brews. They only had the one brew that Mr. B had already stated he thought would be a good choice, Red Trolley Ale. Beer tasting attempt failure #1. Luckily, I stopped by my mom’s neighborhood Albertson’s that Sunday before our weekly dinner, and lo and behold, Albertson’s has a build-your-own craft beer 6-pack station. I was very happy to see they even had 5 of the 6 choices I was looking for. I quickly filled my carrier and sent Mr. B a pic so he could be excited to taste all the beer!

My Custom 6-pack: Karl Amber Lager, Woodie Gold, Endless Summer Light, Tower 10 IPA, and Red Trolley Ale

As excited as I was about my 6-pack, Mr. B was just not into drinking beer that night. So we decided we’d save them for later that week. My idea for tasting the beer: have small servings one night later in the week to get a good idea of which one we liked better when they were fresh in our memory. Mr. B’s idea for beer tasting: cracking one open every night with dinner; beer tasting attempt failure #2. When we only had a few of the beers left we went over to GM R and BM K’s house for dinner, beer in tow. The guys tried a few, but since they were the stronger of the beers, they couldn’t really get the right taste (we are NOT beer tasting experts); beer tasting attempt failure #3 (we are not forming a good pattern here).

FINALLY, FBIL K and FSIL S invited us to go beer tasting at the brewery with them, an invitation we gladly accepted, best leave the beer tasting instructions to the professionals, and seriously, we should have done this weeks ago! Our waitress ordered us a couple of flights of beer and set them on our table in the order we should drink them. Apparently, if you don’t drink them lightest to darkest, the flavors will get lost and the whole tasting will be moot.

Our two flights of beer, plus our sample of the Brewer’s Choice (which was probably my favorite, and of course not available in Kegs for our wedding)

Mr. B and I tried all the beers (except the last two, which we knew we wouldn’t get for the wedding). We tried to keep in mind, it wasn’t ONLY about which beers were our favorites, but also which ones would have mass appeal. In the end, we decided that our original first choice, Red Trolley Ale was still a good choice, and coincidentally is the beer the brewery pairs with BBQ, and since we’re serving BBQ, it’s probably a good way to go. For our second choice, we decided on the Endless Summer Light, not only did we both really like it, but Light beers in general have the most mass appeal, and would be a good contrast to the Red Trolley. All in all, our beer tasting adventure was fun, and the food at the brewery was DE-LICIOUS.

FBIL K & FSIL S enjoying beer tasting with us (S likes the Amber Lager)

Mr. B & I before tasting all the yummy beer

How did you decide what beer to serve at your wedding? Did you go with your all-time favorite, or choose from a big selection?

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