DIY Pillows

Seeing as I am planning a Hay Bale lounge area outside the dance hall, I want it to be a comfy area people actually want to sit and enjoy themselves. Well what is a lounge area without PILLOWS?? Using inspiration from images like this, I set out to create some fantastic pillows for our special day!

Image via The Modern Homemaker

Image via Charmed Events Planning

I was in love with these awesome pillows, and honestly, they seemed REALLY easy to make! And boy, was I right!

I started by cutting the burlap to the size specified by the various pillow forms my Mom and I acquired. Then I made the stencils; I printed my desired words out of Microsoft Word and taped them on to contact paper, and used my box cutter to cut the letters out, making a sticky stencil: I then removed the backing and placed the contact paper onto the center of the burlap.

Then, using black craft paint, I painted over the stencil.

After painting, I hung the burlap up to dry, stencil still attached.

After it was dry, I peeled off the contact paper and could finally see the exact design. I was a little nervous, especially after using the contact paper stencils on the GM’s glasses. But it came out perfect! OK, so when I said this was  DIY project, I meant it was a HALF DIY project in the sense, that all I did was cut and paint the burlap. I then took my finished pieces to my Mom, who converted them in to wonderful pillows for our Hay Bale lounge!

The Finished project:

I think they came out as perfect as they possibly could have!

Have you finished any DIY projects recently? Any half DIY projects? Did they come out the way you planned? Or way better like my pillows?

All Photos Personal unless otherwise noted


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