A Sweet Surprise

As I mentioned previously, we were moving away from traditional favors, and moving more in the direction of a dessert bar! Well once we had decided on a dessert bar, we needed to decide what it would include. Obviously, our first choice was a S’Mores Bar. But sadly, because of our mountaintop location that was an immediate “no”. I think that candy bars are really fun, and you can be really creative, BUT we’re just not big candy people. Besides, my friend M had one at her wedding last month, and I rarely saw anyone go near it besides the younger guests. And we are having cake, so even though to family and friends I’m the cupcake Queen, I thought cupcakes would be overkill (PLUS I would NEVER PAY anyone to make them, meaning I’d be doing it myself and THAT many cupcakes would be a LOT of work!).

One day while cruising Pinterest, I came across something that I knew immediately would be perfect: A COOKIE BAR! Not only are chocolate chip cookies one of Mr. B’s most favorite treats, but with inspiration like this, who could disagree?


Images via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Jonda Spurbeck / Event Design by Love and Lavender


Image via Style Me Pretty / Image via Mirelle Carmichael Photography

So after talking it over with Mr. B, we had officially decided that a cookie bar was the way to go! The beauty of choosing cookies is that cookies FREEZE. So I am able to make them all myself without the stress of making them the day of (like I would have had to do with cupcakes). Now it was just a matter of what cookies I would make and how many. Oh and how I would present them, of course.

Chocolate chip cookies were a given (as they’re Mr. B’s favorite). Ginger snaps are another one of my favorites, so they’re in. Oatmeal Raisin is always a crowd pleaser. I plan on doing iced sugar cookies as well, but they are also the most labor intensive since you can’t freeze them iced, and it’d have to be done in the couple days before…We’re going to do one more type of cookie, either double chocolate, or everything but the kitchen sink cookies…the jury is still out, but I still have, er, a FEW weeks left before I have to start baking and freezing them.

For presentation, I found AWESOME, GIANT cookie jars for $9.97 at Walmart! I also bought some silver tongs, and am planning on putting the iced sugar cookies on some glass cake plates! Top that off with my awesome DIY Bunting and it makes one fantastic dessert bar!

Are you planning on having a cookie bar or other dessert bar at your wedding? Are you being as adventurous as I am and baking the items yourself? Or playing it safe and purchasing them?


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