DIY Bunting

After seeing many wedding inspiration photos with bunting, I knew that it would be an awesome, simple and fun way to designate areas at the wedding. I used inspiration from photos like

JUST MARRIED burlap wedding bunting

Image via Mirtillo Shop on etsy

It was perfect for our wedding, and even better than that, it was a perfect DIY project! I bought enough burlap to make multiple signs, knowing that I would want different areas of the reception tied together. I planned on making 5 different ones: cookie bar, photobooth, thank you, Mr. & Mrs. and Cards. So far I have 3 done, and luckily they’re the longest of that bunch!

Originally I planned on cutting out each triangle by hand; let me tell you, this is a horrible idea. It’s doable, and if it’s your only option, then I say go for it, but I’m very thankful I didn’t have to. Luckily for me, my Mom is more crafty than I am, and I took the burlap to her house for our Sunday dinner, thinking she could help me cut out all the triangles. She took one look at my templates, pulled out her rotary cutter for quilting, and 20 minutes later they were all done.

Mom using her rotary cutter

The first piece, next to my template(and the scissors I had planned to use to cut everything!)! TIP: Print out a triangle in the shape you want and use that as a pattern!

Burlap is MESSY. See our pile of scraps and our finished pile of burlap triangles.

My next step was to stencil on the letters. I used basic black craft paint and a basic 2.5″ stencil set.

Next I took them back to my mom, who sewed the top flap down so I would have somewhere to pull the twine through.

The first 3 sets of bunting laid out on the bed.

Mr. B and I practicing our Wedding Day photo pose!

Overall, making our wedding day bunting was an easy task! It would have been a lot more time-consuming if my lovely mom hadn’t helped, but it still would’ve been relatively easy to create, and I definitely would make more if I had the extra time!

Are you making bunting for your reception? Are you doing everything by hand? Or did you get a little help?

All Photos Personal unless otherwise noted


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