Oh, how I hate my hair

I sometimes question how I got all the bad genes from my parents (at least in comparison to my sister, who got the thick hair AND the skinny genes). Seeing as my lack of skinny genes has nothing to do with my wedding (even though I’d be super happy to have them right about now), I’ll focus on my hair. My hair is thin, and lifeless. It also breaks easily, is constantly full of split ends and somehow hates holding curls. So what does this mean for my wedding day? BAD NEWS. Thankfully, one of my friends (and fellow Bridesmaids in S’s wedding!) is a hairstylist! K’s help and honesty has been so wonderful and a welcome change to my lack of hair-styling prowess. Before our engagement photos, I decided it was time to invest in hair extensions. I know that most people get hair extensions for the purpose of longer hair, but my hair actually is pretty long. I wanted hair extensions for volume, and I was so excited at the prospect of having beautiful, sexy hair!

K took me to where she always purchases her extensions and a few days later I was a proud of owner of some beautiful real hair extensions! I didn’t try them on until the day of our engagement photos when K came and did my hair. I was completely terrified of putting them in on my own, confident that I would only screw them up. My hair looked awesome in the extensions, and eventually I got up the nerve to put them in all by myself. They didn’t look half bad! I don’t wear them all the time so as to save them for the wedding, but I can’t wait to have big, sexy, country-music-star hair on our wedding day! 

My normal, lifeless hair

My beautiful curls with extensions in (this time I had done them myself!)

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Are you wearing your hair down on your wedding day? Will you wear extensions, or is your hair full and voluminous naturally?


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