BYOB, Part 1

One of the big things I kept putting off was going to look into alcohol prices! One of the great things about being able to bring our own booze to the wedding, is it saves a TON of money! But the downside to bringing your own alcohol is that you have to, well, bring your own alcohol. And if you’re working on a budget, like we are, it’s not as simple as going and picking up a few cases of wine and beer and calling it a day! (Well, I guess you could make it that simple, but I’m more into doing my research than that). I’ll save the beer for another day, because today is all about selecting our wine!

Luckily for us, one of our friends has a wholesale license which helps out a whole lot on the food, but he doesn’t have the right license for alcohol (darn!). So that left me to start at my trusted Costco. I started by checking out the prices they had on various wines and champagnes. I found a few that seemed like they would work, but none of the prices were GREAT, and I just wasn’t really in love with anything. So I noted my prices, and moved on to Bevmo!

Now, I don’t go to Bevmo very often, and when I do, it’s usually because I have my heart set on some random drink the grocery store doesn’t have. Seeing as I don’t drink that much, that’s a pretty rare occurrence.  But I happened to go during their AH-MAZING 5-cent wine sale. Now the awesome thing about the sale is that they have a bunch of good wine, buy one bottle, and get one for 5 cents! Now that could drastically change my budget up! You see, we (similarly to a LOT of brides-to-be) can’t afford to splurge on wine, and honestly I was budgeting about $5 per bottle. This number is able to fluctuate, but that was where I really wanted to stay. But with the 5-cent wine sale, I could get bottles priced around $10, for $5 each! So I picked up a few different bottles, and took them to dinner at my Mom’s house so that we could taste them and decide. Since Mr. B doesn’t drink wine, I needed my Mom and Step-Dad’s trusted opinions and they definitely came through!  Sure enough, one of the bottles I bought was one of my Mom’s favorites!

It was an easy decision for us from that point, and now I just needed to go pick-up the many, MANY cases of wine we needed to buy before the sale ended!

Do you get to provide your own alcohol for your reception? Did you take advantage of any promotions and stock-up? (Is Bevmo you’re new favorite store too?)


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