Our Save the Date

As I previously mentioned, deciding on doing a postcard for our Save the Date was an easy, yet regrettable decision. Choosing which Save the date we would choose was heavily influenced by which photo we would use, and choosing the photo we would use was where the decisions started getting difficult. We had it narrowed down to a few of our favorite photos, but here are a couple that didn’t make the cut:

This one is a favorite of both of ours

This one is one of my favorites (can you tell I have a thing for black & white photos?)

After considering our photo and Save the Date options, we concluded that the black and white photos weren’t going to work. We ended up choosing the photo that our photographer, M, sent us as the sneak peek! It felt like the perfect option, even though we weren’t facing the camera (an issue that I wavered on for like two days before ordering!) Overall, other than the lack of a return address, I think they came out great! 

Our Finished Save the date

Photo Personal

They came out pretty nice, right? The balloons were what sold me, I love the colors and how they just add to the perfect blue sky.

Did you use your engagement photos for your Save the Dates? Was choosing which photo you would use a difficult decision? Or an easy one?

All photos credit Quartiano Photography unless otherwise noted


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