As cheesy as it is, there’s one tradition, that I am a big sucker for: the bouquet & garter toss. Now, don’t get me wrong, I caught the bouquet a couple of times before getting engaged, and I don’t think that my eventual engagement was in any way connected. But when I was single, catching the bouquet was a symbol that maybe I am “next”; it gave me hope. It was a wedding tradition that I have looked forward to at every wedding I’ve attended, and after all the fun that my bridesmaids had the last time around, I wouldn’t think of depriving anyone this time!

Doesn’t it look like they had a good time?

Now, last time around BM K caught the bouquet, and my sister and MOH S were a little bit disappointed. This time, MOH S is engaged and BM K is married, so they won’t be participating. But I do have a lot of single friends that can, and I can’t wait to toss it to them and see who snags it.

Are you doing a bouquet toss? Is it a tradition you really enjoy? Or one that you can definitely go without?

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