DIY Garters

I previously mentioned that we would be doing a garter & bouquet toss. When it comes to tossing my bouquet it was simple: request the florist to make a smaller toss bouquet version of my actual bouquet. For the garter though? That’s a little bit of a tougher decision, mainly because there are SO MANY OPTIONS. Like it’s borderline ridiculous how many there are to choose from:Colts Garter avysm/ vintage garter whomadethatbow/bow garter lolainlace

bling garter alisabrides/traditional blue WeddingForYou

Trying to pick one from all these gorgeous options became a daunting task, especially when you factor in the fact that all of my favorites were a little bit pricier than I care to admit. But then I decided that I could easily make one myself! So I ordered some stretch lace from etsy shop MaryNotMartha to get me started. I then went to my favorite crafting place, Micheal’s to pick up some pre-made flowers to put on it. Originally, this would have been a complete DIY project since I had planned to also make the fabric flowers. But my laziness overtook me, and I decided to buy them instead. Either way I think my garter came out great! The flowers aren’t flush with the garter, but after thinking about I remembered my dress isn’t form-fitting so that shouldn’t matter, and it really was so simple to make! I think it took me about 30 min, tops!

Here is everything I needed, plus my handy hot glue gun!

First, I cut out a leaf shape from felt, and used the hot glue gun to attach the glass pearls. Then I glued the leaf to the center of the lace.

Then I added the first flower (yes, that is a BURLAP flower!)

Then you add the 2nd flower, and repeat steps 1-3 for my 2nd, smaller toss garter!

My two finished garters side-by-side!

I think they came out pretty good! Yes, the color of the lace is a little off, but I’m the only one who will really see them next to each other, and it’s not enough a difference to matter to me. All in all, it was an easy successful and CHEAP project!

Here is the price breakdown:

3 in lace from MaryNotMartha- 1 yd: $4.95 w/shipping

1 in lace from MaryNotMartha- 3 yd: $2.95 w/shipping

Glass pearls from WalMart: $2.00

1 piece ivory felt: $.33

Burlap Scrapbook Flowers on sale 50%: $3.99 $1.98

Yellow flower from Michaels w/ 40% off coupon: $3.49 $2.10

Had Liquid Stitch and Hot Glue Gun

Total cost of Project: $14.31

Pretty good for getting EXACTLY what I wanted!

Was there a DIY project that you took on because you just couldn’t choose between your many options? Did it help you get what you REALLY wanted?

All photos personal unless otherwise noted


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