It just got real

So last night we did something incredibly exciting, yet overwhelmingly nerve-wracking: we put our invitations in the mail!! WOW. It was such a relief to know they were no longer sitting in my living room (as they had been doing, ready to go for about two weeks). Part of my hesitation had been getting the group code for our wedding block at a (the only) nearby hotel. But as of Friday I still hadn’t gotten it (fingers crossed for today), and considering our RSVP deadline is August 1st, and today is July 2nd, they had to go in the mail, well, yesterday. With the 4th of July on Wednesday, people will probably start getting them around Thursday which means I can start getting RSVP’s as early as MONDAY. Knowing that they’re in the mail makes the fact that there is only 82 days until the wedding even more scary, but it also means once I start getting RSVP’s I can start working around actual numbers instead of just expected numbers, which should hopefully make it easier.

Me dropping the first pile into the mail box

This is my “I’m so excited!” pose

He decided to check and make sure they were right first

And they’re all in the mailbox!

Did mailing your invites make it feel more real for you? Did it make you even more excited for the big day?

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