The Beauty of Registries

My favorite thing about gift registries is the ability to give your guests a list of things that you really want, so that they can feel satisfied that they’re not giving you something that you’re just going to return….or live with, and hate. Sometimes when I think about registries, I honestly don’t know what I would do if I lived in a time before they existed, or when they did exist, but they weren’t as simple and easy to use as they are now.

I mentioned in a previous post that we chose to register at both Macy’s and Crate and Barrel, two of my favorite stores. It wasn’t just about choosing my favorite stores, however, it was also about what they had to offer us, not necessarily only in gift selection but also, perks and benefits that other stores didn’t have. It wasn’t just about the registry parties that I mentioned, it was also about the simplicity of their website and the discounts they offered our guests.

One thing that stood out about Macy’s, is that they’re always offering coupons. I know many people believe that they jack their regular prices up, and then discount them to what they cost at other stores. One thing I’ve noticed, however, is things are almost ALWAYS on sale. And when you get an additional 15-25% off the sale price, it’s still a pretty good deal (and why we shop there a lot, in general). One thing I wasn’t expecting was to get emails stating when something on our registry was being discontinued. A couple of weeks ago I got an email stating that some items on my registry would no longer be available and to go online to update it. Being the procrastinator I tend to be, I just now checked it today. And sure enough, my back-up favorite wine glasses were the things being discontinued!

  The Flutes are already unavailable!

Screen Shot Personal, via

As disappointing as it was to see something that I wanted (in case, you know I didn’t get my dream wine glasses from C&B), I knew that registering six months ahead of the wedding would leave room for things to be discontinued. Receiving that email to let me know, was just one more reason I love that we registered at Macy’s. The courtesy email to update it, really took the thinking part out of it.

Both store also offer a Thank You Manager Option.This tells me who bought what so just in case I lose a card, or something doesn’t get written down at the shower (or I get curious and peek) I can figure out who got us what! Talk about easy!

Where did you decide to register? Was there a reason other than you liked the selection the store had to offer?


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