Sending our Guests S’More Love

Mr. B and I are obsessed with S’Mores. We try to keep all the supplies on hand so that we can occasionally indulge in a warm toasty S’More made with my butane baking torch..(arguably, at the same time I try not to stock up, since you know, if we have them on hand, we WILL eat them). So when I came across the ideas of S’Mores favors for our guests at our rustic country wedding I thought it was a PERFECT fit! I came across this example and was in LOVE:

Image via Bridesmaids & Weddings

I gathered the necessary supplies right away and made a couple to see if it would be both manageable and cost-effective for our wedding. They turned out great! I had every intention, from very early on, that was what we would do as far as favors go.

But then I fell in love with bars…Dessert bars, that is. They seemed so fun! Not necessarily candy, but all other desserts. And a S’Mores bar soon became my new obsession. Except the only problem with having a S’Mores Bar, is the need for, umm, FIRE. And fire is a big no-no at our location. California is infamous for forest fires, and being in an all-wood dance hall is just a combination I don’t want to add fire to. Major bummer. So I put favors on the back-burner for a while.

A couple of months ago, I became re-focused on how we would thank our guests. I realized that putting the S’Mores favor on the table would only create clutter; we’re having a photobooth, and they can take their Mason Jar glasses home, so really we are covered in the favor department. But that’s no fun! So my mind wandered again to the dessert bar idea, and this time it was only a matter of deciding what would be on it!

Did you have a hard time deciding what to thank your guests with?


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