I’m the luckiest girl in the world

Yes, marrying my best friend would automatically put me in that category. BUT this time I’m not talking about Mr. B.

My bridesmaids are literally the most awesome 4 girls in my life, and I’m so thankful to have them standing up with me on our special day! Three of my bridesmaids are in other weddings this summer, and being in ONE wedding is a HUGE financial and mental commitment, let alone TWO! Which makes them being there for me all the more special. You may not know this, but my four bridesmaids, while equally special and important to me, all became friends with me (and therefore must claim me FOREVER lol) at different points in my life. And while MOH S and BM K are friends and have known each other a long time, and BM’s J and T were both cheerleaders with me in high school and friends themselves, I was a TEENSY bit nervous about how the four would all fit together. My worry was totally for nothing though! We all hung out for the first time on my birthday this year and it went flawlessly! (well except my drunken attempt at matchmaking and getting kicked out of the bar but that has NOTHING to do with the wedding so I’ll save that embarrassment for another time!). The next day we had planned to go dress shopping for the first time (whose decision was that?! Not making eye contact…) and they all beat me to brunch (I blame the fireball shots!) and to my happy surprise they were all chatting and re-capping the night like they’d all know each other forever!

Recently, one of the BMs has experienced some unnecessary drama with other girls in another bridal party, and it just served as a reminder of how lucky I truly am, not just for having them all as friends and bridesmaids but for bringing no DRAMA!

The BM’s & me at my birthday this year

All photos personal

Did your bridal party know each other before becoming your bridal party? Did they all fit together like missing pieces of the same puzzle?


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