Drink our Beer from a Mason Jar, Part 2!

Last time I brought up Mason Jars, I was referring to the MANY that we were planning to utilize for decoration. This time around, I will ACTUALLY be talking about how we will be literally drinking our beer from Mason Jars. Other than the Hay bales, one of my other favorite, trendy ideas was drinking from Mason Jars! I have loved every other time I’ve used them as glassware, it fit with our rustic country theme, and having our guests keep the same glass all night seemed very “green”. Thanks, again, to good ole’ Pinterest, I was able to find inspiration on how to label my Mason jars for my guests: chalkboard!

I came to love the idea of little  on each jar where each guest could write their name on their glass.

Isn’t this set up cute?

Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Lane Dittoe Fine Art Wedding Photography / Event Design by Joyful Weddings and Events

 So I’m not going to lie, my ORIGINAL plan for making the chalkboard was to use chalkboard paint on the Mason Jars. Man, am I happy I figured out an easier, more time-conscious way to do it! I would have wasted a LOT of jars and a LOT of time (not to mention my sanity) with mess-ups. Before finding the tutorial, even though I knew there would be a way, I couldn’t figure out how to get an even shape to paint. A stencil maybe? But even with a stencil, they wouldn’t be uniform, and they definitely wouldn’t all look AWESOME like I imagined in my head (because in my head I am a crafty artistic goddess, and definitely not clumsy at all). And I DEFINITELY wanted my mason jar chalkboards to look all pretty like this:


Image via Style Me Pretty /  Photo by Austin Gros Photography

But amidst my search for a solution and my concern that I wouldn’t find one, I stumbled across this tutorial from Mrs. Pretzel! I couldn’t believe that I never thought of chalkboard contact paper before! (Actually, I can totally believe I didn’t think of it since I NEVER use contact paper for anything). But chalkboard contact paper and a scrapbook paper puncher would be the perfect solution to my problem! And BONUS: I most definitely found the scrapbook punch that makes the same cute little frame punches as the photo above! Putting together all the mason jars was probably one of the last things I did since I had to wash and seal all of them so that dust particles and stuff don’t get into them before people you know, DRINK from them. And I don’t want to do it too early, mess it up, and then have to do it again.

Was there a DIY project that you planned on doing that you found a much easier way to complete? DId it save you time? Money? BOTH? 


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