I have HOW LONG left?!

This past weekend, I went to my childhood friend M’s wedding. She was getting married to her college sweetheart in SLO where they both went to school. So early Saturday morning, FI and I joined my Dad and Step-Mom to drive the 5 hours north to her venue. Surprisingly, I’d never actually driven that far up the coast, and it was a beautiful day for a drive up the 101. I was excited to attend my first wedding of the season, but I had no idea what was coming!

We got there too early to check into our hotel, so we visited some friends at their hotel near the venue, which we could see from the parking lot. Avila Beach, in general is a gorgeous place.

Check out this view from their room!

When we finally made it to the venue, we were amazed. Talk about an awesome choice for a wedding! I definitely recommend the Avila Beach Golf Resort if you’re planning in that area, the view alone made for a great event. The ceremony took place looking into the canyon on one of the practice greens, and the reception took place on the practice green facing the ocean.

The view of the beach from our table

The ceremony itself was gorgeous, complete with lemonade in Mason jars as you waited for it to begin. M looked beautiful walking down the aisle, and her officiant was quite entertaining. The food during the reception was delicious (especially for catered food) and the DJ played a great selection of songs. The view from the venue only got prettier as the evening went on.

Throughout the whole evening, the one thing that was constantly on my mind: I have SO.MUCH.LEFT.TO.DO. Seriously, I think I had a mini panic attack. And the few (seemingly important) things her wedding had in common with mine also was a cause of some (more than likely unnecessary) stress. (I think I may have uttered the words “son of a bitch” quietly to myself when her bridesmaids entered the ceremony to the song I had planned on walking down the aisle to). I just have to keep telling myself that no matter how many things our weddings have in common, each wedding is unique. Yes, I have a lot of “trendy” elements to my wedding, and I chose these things (example mason jars) knowing that they were a popular wedding staple right now. So I KNEW (even though sometimes I forget) that hundreds of weddings would share these ideas, so I don’t feel the need to change them. (except, maybe for the song…we shall see)

If anything, attending M’s beautiful wedding, lit a fire under my behind to get into gear with checking things off my list. EXAMPLE:  I got 5 hours of sleep Friday night, spent 12 hours this weekend in the car, attended a wedding Saturday night, and didn’t get home with time to do stuff until 4pm on Sunday. But I still managed to complete two major steps in projects I’ve been meaning to do for weeks. Talk about productive!

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Did you attend a friend’s wedding while planning your own that made you realize how much you still had to do? Did it help you re-engage in the planning process?


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