Saving our Date

I wanted to pick, order and send out our Save the Dates about an hour after we had put our deposit on the venue. But, knowing that I would not be putting our engagement photos on our invitation, I knew that I wanted to put them on our Save the Dates. I couldn’t exactly put our engagement photos on our Save the Date if I hadn’t even scheduled our engagement photo session, now could I?

Since the engagement session was scheduled for mid-October,  I knew that I could order and mail out our Save the Dates before Thanksgiving, which considering the amount of Christmas cards that get mailed out, that became my goal. It was hard to choose exactly what style I wanted until I knew what photo we would use, but I picked out a few different ones so that it would be easier to narrow it down.

After searching through the various style that incorporated photos, I came to the conclusion that postcards were the best way to go, they were simple and sleek, but also the most cost-effective. After doing my research, I determined that Wedding Paper Divas had that best selection to choose from.

Save the Date Postcards Sophisticated Hand - Front : White

Sophisticated 1-photo Postcard

Save the Date Postcards Chic Calendar - Front : Eggshell

Vintage looking Calendar style

Save the Date Postcards Font Fusion - Front : Ore

Cute 2-photo Postcard

All these options made it difficult to narrow it down to just one! But based on the photo we decided on, we knew that the first option was definitely the best. I ordered them and about a week later I got them in the mail and started with my addresses. Now I learned two lessons from sending out Save the Date Postcards:

1)Even though it is difficult, make sure to work a return address onto it. There were many Save the Dates that did not make it to their intended location, some of which, I later found out, were due to a wrong address.

2) Post Office Machines are really harsh on post cards. Apparently post cards tear easy and the sorting machines increase those chances At least one of our postcards was torn in half and delivered in a special plastic mail bag. Luckily they at least got half of it, right?

The postcards came out super cute, and we did save some money on postage, but if I had to do it all over, I would definitely choose something different.

All Photos via Wedding Paper Divas

Did you have any obstacles to overcome in sending out your Save the Dates?


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