Dealing with Dad

Now let me preface this with a disclosure that I love my Daddy. He means everything to me. But I’m also a realist, and he is difficult to deal with. He’s 60 years old, and he is who he is; he won’t change his ways for anyone, and I love him how he is. BUT when it comes to planning a wedding (not his, I may add) he is not exactly a team player. Mr. B and I are financing our wedding on our own, and we aren’t asking our parents for help. So, in my opinion, the little things they are asked to do (i.e., find somewhere to stay, attend the rehearsal, and wearing wedding appropriate attire) should be a piece of cake, right?

THIS is my Dad! Only trade sweats for his Levi’s

Image via SomeEcards

My dad is a jeans, polo and boat shoes type guy. Maybe throw in his yacht club vest. He hates dressing up. HATES it. Last time I got married, he huffed and puffed about what I wanted him to wear for months until eventually purchasing a suit to wear (defiantly not wearing the tuxedo I wanted him to). BUT, knowing my Dad, I was thankful he made the effort to wear a suit at all.

This time, being on a mountain and all, the wedding has a much more laid-back, casual feel. I mean, hey, Mr. B isn’t wearing a tux, he’s not even wearing a full suit! So I’m not exactly going to try to force Dad into wearing something more than the bridal party. Plus, what Mr. B and his guys are wearing really isn’t age appropriate for Dad (in my honest opinion). So, long story short, Dad lucked out. I even went as far as to tell him he could wear a casual suit (providing they had prior approval). We shall see what he deems as casual wedding appropriate when his approval day rolls around.

Is there someone in your family who is difficult to coordinate with when it comes to wedding attire? Did you require approval on your parents’ wedding day outfits?


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