The Quest for the Dresses, Part 3

Ok, so I left off with Derek telling me that my dress would be in a month later, and me being BEYOND excited, even though I’d have to wait a whole MONTH to try it on (I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I’m not exactly a PATIENT person). Despite my inpatience, I knew waiting the month would be worth it!

But the good news was…..I didn’t even have to wait a month! Later that day, my office phone rang, the number looked familiar, but I have a tendency to screen ( I know, I know). So when I checked the voicemail I was so excited to hear it was Derek! Apparently after we had hung up, he had checked the inventory at the other store (near Fresno) which is much larger than their small boutique. And they had it!! It was a size smaller than what I needed but I could at least try it on and see if I liked the design, and if I wanted he could have it within the WEEK. On the voicemail he mentioned that he hoped I was the person who had called since he hadn’t taken down my info. I was so impressed that he had not only taken the time to check into whether the other store had it, but also tracked me down to let me know! Originally I had planned to try it on, and then order online, but after that service, it was worth spending a little extra money to make sure he got credit. And can you believe it actually ended up being cheaper?!

I quickly called back and asked him to please have it sent down here! I was so excited, it’s a lot easier to wait a week instead of a month! They got it in before the weekend, but unfortunately it was a busy week and I didn’t make it in until the following Monday, which was OK since the following Monday was my BIRTHDAY!! I was so excited to stop into the store on my way to my Birthday dinner I couldn’t really contain it. When I arrived, Derek quickly pulled the dress for me, but I had to wait for their only dressing room to be available to try it on (I told you it was a small boutique). So I perused the other dresses in case I didn’t like it and needed a back-up (even though deep down, I knew that wouldn’t be necessary). As soon as I tried it on, I knew. It was perfect! And the size smaller fit like a glove! So I bought it. Happy Birthday to me!

I was so excited to find my perfect reception dress, and I was so happy with the excellent service I received at Mia Bella Boutique!

Did you receive excellent service from someone during your wedding planning adventure? Did it make a difference in making your decisions?


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