The Quest for the Dress(es) Part 2

Or how I became a two-dress Bride.

Yep. TWO dresses. And sadly, I am THAT girl who never even considered wearing two dresses before I started watching Four Weddings And My Fair Wedding with David Tutera.Thanks wedding shows, for helping me decide I needed not ONE spectacular dress, but TWO, a concept I always dismissed as a simple waste of money.

Well, after finding THE dress (which I TOTALLY realize I haven’t posted, have no fear, it will come) I realized that since my loving and generous grandparents had bought my dress (and my new wedding boots–they seriously are the most giving people I know) and I had only paid a mere $75 for the deposit, I could afford to have a second “party” dress to show of my boots at the reception!

Finding my ceremony dress was SO EASY, I figured it would also be a piece of cake to find my reception dress. WRONG. Very, very wrong! About a week after I had put my deposit down on the ceremony dress, I had brought my BM’s in to check it out (I LOVED it but what if looked horrible and I was being blind?). While we were there, we not only concluded that I was right about the original dress, but I tried on a few of the “short” dresses DB had to offer. All I have to say about them is “EW”. I mean some of them were OK, but none of them were what I had in mind. I’m kind of relieved I don’t have any photos from this trip (they really weren’t great). None of them really flattered me, and they were all far too long to wear with boots, meaning they’d need more alterations, adding to the cost. So I kind of gave up on looking for awhile…

After the holidays, I continued my quest for the perfect short reception dress. I would “pin” every cute one I had seen, but most were a little more than I had planned to spend…and then I found Sherri Hill. Sherri Hill is a prom dress line (the kind my mom would never have let me get in HS due to the prices!) And they had the Perfect Little White dress! And since they were short prom dresses, it was the perfect length (hence, no extra alterations!) her 2840 was THE dress. I just KNEW it!

From the Front

From the Back

Sherri Hill Dress Image Via genealogy Dresses

Isn’t it lovely?? And more importantly, isn’t it BRIDAL?? The answer to both was YES! I texted photos to my BM’s and they loved it too! I was sold! Except…with the low back, I knew I had to track it down and try it on. Luckily, we were going BM dress shopping for MOH S’s wedding the next weekend and the store carried Sherri Hill!

When we got to the store, I feverishly looked for the dress, but no luck. So I caved and asked the sales associate. She looked it up in the computer and they didn’t have it! BOO. But they did have a dress in the same cut, only a different color I could try on to see how it fit–she assured me it was the SAME exact dress. Wrong again!

Does this look like the SAME DRESS?!?

Photo Personal

Ummmm…Excuse me, I may be a crazy Bride-to-be, but this dress is black. BLACK. With huge gaudy rhinestones! A far cry from the white dress I dreamed of with the delicate beading. And the deep V on this one wasn’t quite as deep as the one on the 2840. They did have another short dress by Sherri Hill that had similar detailing, but was strapless, I tried it on just to see how I liked it:

Photo Personal

It was cute, the detailing was GORGEOUS, and the length was perfect. I knew if I couldn’t find my dream dress, this would be a perfect alternative…but I really didn’t want strapless…so we left, and I was disappointed the shopping trip had been fruitless (for me at least).

When I got home I decided I NEEDED to find that dress. The people at Prevue had been pretty rude about it, so I didn’t want to hold my breath on them calling me when it came in, so I looked up the Sherri Hill authorized retailers, there were 5 in San Diego. I called around, but on a Sunday afternoon it wasn’t too promising. No one had it! But they did have my favorite friend the ugly black dress I could come try on. NO THANK YOU.

The next day at work, I called the one store I hadn’t been able to get a hold of, Mia Bella Couture, and spoke to one of their associates, Derek. Now let me tell you, after all the fruitless calls I’d made the prior day and the salespeople who were literally ZERO help, Derek was a breath of fresh air! They didn’t have my dress (at that point I didn’t expect them to) but he did look up for me when they would have it (seeing as no one else had bothered, this was a big selling point) and they would have it in the next month! YAY!! He gave the me its expected date, but didn’t ask for any of my info, and I put it in my calendar so I could follow-up the week before. I was so excited my dream reception dress might actually become a reality and it was all thanks to Derek!

Did I get to try on the dress after all? I guess you’ll just have to wait until the next post to find out!

Did you have any difficulties tracking down THE dress? Did anyone help make your search easier?







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