Gifting the Groomsmen

Seeing as it took Mr. B almost a month to ask his Best Man to be the, er, Best Man (and no, he doesn’t live far away, they were working out every night at this point), I knew it would be a lengthy “process” to get him to pick out what he was gifting his guys. After the holidays (not sure if you’ve noticed, but I put A LOT of stuff off until after the holidays), I started pestering him as to what ideas he might have. I already planned on purchasing their ties for them as part of the gift, since getting matching suits is difficult enough (I know, it shouldn’t be) I wanted to make sure they all had matching ties and that it would take them zero effort. I found awesome yellow seersucker gingham ties at The Tie Bar. Originally, I wanted regular yellow seersucker, especially after ordering the two ring bearer’s bow ties in yellow seersucker. But when I went to order one tie for Mr. B to check out, they had discontinued it; like, it was NOWHERE to be found on the site. Whatever, I cut my losses and settled for seersucker gingham, which Mr. B liked better anyways. Apparently the yellow in the regular seersucker was too light for his liking. All’s well that ends well. So I ordered 5 more, and the first half of their gift was complete.

Now to the part that was actually a gift. I’m not quite sure what Mr. B originally had in mind (if he, in fact, had something in mind), but after a couple of months of beating around the bush I finally asked him if he wanted me to give him ideas. He did, admitting he had no idea. I told him I’d put some together and emailed his options, 90% of which were from my new website best friend, Etsy.

In my email, I explained to him, the gift should be something thoughtful and useful, that the guys probably wouldn’t just decide to go out and buy for themselves. This made it make much more sense to him–especially paired with the ideas I sent to him. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I had a lot of fun picking out ideas for him to choose from!

Money Clip via Etsy Shop WithLoveHeather/Cufflinks via Etsy Shop BulletCufflinks/Knife via Etsy Shop PictureItCreations

Now I sent him about 5 different versions of each of these items (these are just the best examples) and he started to get it. And then he got REALLY picky. So I sent him more options and then we (finally) started to make progress. I will say once he narrowed it down it was a piece a cake….his only concern? If he got one too. I told him of course, since I was getting myself similar versions of what I was getting the girls, that was only fair.

You’re probably wondering which super cool gift won out over the rest…drum rollllll plllleeeaassee……

The Money Clip from Etsy Shop WithLoveHeather!!

Personalized Money Clip - Hand stamped - Copper - Groomsmen gift

He loved the color and copper finish and even the monogram (each letter was HAND stamped). He also thought it was most likely to be used by his guys on a regular basis. We ordered 6 the next day and Heather was awesome, we got them within about 10 days and they all came individually wrapped and labeled so we would know which was which. If you’re looking for gifts for your groomsmen I HIGHLY recommend her!

Did you or your fiance have trouble deciding what to get the groomsmen? What did you ultimately decide to get them?


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