Christmas or Wedding Season?

“What do you like better Christmas or Wedding Season?”

“The answer would be, um, Wedding Season?”

Aww, does it get any better then Wedding Crashers for Wedding Humor? Well I guess it did, Bridesmaids offers up some stiff competition, that’s for sure. But this post isn’t about Wedding Crashers (because, thankfully, due to the remote location of my venue, I shouldn’t have any!). It IS, however, about the fact that it’s June….which means that it’s OFFICIALLY wedding season! I’ve always been taught that June is the IDEAL month for weddings, even though it can be argued that wedding season in Southern California starts in May. From now until September there will be weddings galore! Thankfully I only have two to go to (other than my own, and MOH S’s which is in November). But two weddings is A LOT for me! Last year I only had 1 to go to, and the year before that 1, and the year before that 1 (and the year before that, well, that was mine so we’ll leave that 1 out). So two weddings in THREE months seems like a lot!

So what does all this wedding chaos mean to me:

1) Lots of fun events for Mr. B and I to go to.

2) Lots of presents to buy.

3) Time lost from planning our own wedding.

4) And by far the most romantic reason (and also, most corny and cliché): all these weddings make it really seem like LOVE IS IN THE AIR.

Dwight’s opinion on Wedding Season

Image via IMGFLIP

OK, well maybe I’m being hopelessly romantic (and not as pragmatic as Dwight) because I’m also getting married this year. I do find myself being extra generous when it comes to gifting fellow brides and a sucker for wedding related events. Either way, the two weddings prior to our own makes me even MORE excited for our BIG DAY in September.

Are you attending a lot of weddings this year? Has attending other weddings helped you to prepare for your own?

(Do you too think Love is in the air? Or just, you know, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide?)


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