Stress and the Modern Bride

UHHHH. I think the biggest problem that I (any bride, really) can run into isn’t things like vendors not getting back to you, or bands breaking up; it’s STRESS. There are so many things going on in our busy, technologically enhanced lives that adding wedding planning (and, heaven forbid, a long list of DIY projects) can sometimes put it OVER the TOP.

While driving to work this morning (on my hour-long commute), I thought there had to be some sort of quiz for determining whether the stress was all in my head (yes, I heard it too, lol ALL IN MY HEAD?) Anyways, the first one I found consisted of 20 random questions that had nothing to do with wedding planning and instead asked not once, but TWICE, if I spoke loudly on a regular basis? REALLY? Of COURSE I speak loudly (and quickly for that matter). On to the next one….this one, courtesy of USA Bride, can be found here and really gave much better insight on the various sources of stress while wedding planning. I have copied and pasted it here so you can share in my appreciation of how this test opened my eyes to my true level of stress.

In order to complete this quiz, score each option with a number between 0 and 5; 0 for not applicable, 1 rarely, 3 sometimes, 5 always, etc.

1 ___ I have a lot on my mind
2 ___ I have difficulty making decisions
3 ___ The arrangements are not clear
4 ___ I would like more control over the plans
5 ___ Too many people to satisfy
6 ___ I don’t have enough leisure
7 ___ There is a great deal of time pressure
8 ___ Family divorce creates problems
9 ___ Members of my family live in different cities making communication and arrangements complex
10 ___ Intermarriage creates tension
11 ___ I have difficulty focusing on my tasks
12 ___ I have difficulty communicating with florist, caterer, etc.
13 ___ I handle most things alone – I get little support
14 ___ I have difficulty delegating
15 ___ I worry about the cost of it all
16 ___ My personal needs are in conflict with my family’s demands
17 ___ Wedding plans are interfering with my work
18 ___ I have concerns about the health of my family
19 ___ My expectations are too high
20 ___ My life is one crisis after another
21 ___ I keep my feelings to myself and rarely express emotions such as fear and anger
22 ___ I am often quite fatigued
23 ___ People do things often irritate me
24 ___ I have frequent headaches (twice a week rates a 5)
25 ___ I have muscle tension in my shoulders, neck or back
26 ___ I have stomach pains, indigestion or other digestive problems
27 ___ I am eating too much or too little
28 ___ I have trouble sleeping
29 ___ I feel anxiety
30 ___ I have difficulty coping with the change in my life

<< 30 Congratulations – you’ll breeze through 31-60 About average – some stress 61-80 Think seriously about making changes in arrangements and attitude >> 81 Act now to reduce stress!

I scored a 111. No that is not a typo. ONE HUNDRED-ELEVEN. WOW. That’s all I can say. Clearly I need to do as the quiz says and “Act now to reduce stress!” in order to save not only my own sanity but also Mr. B’s. But lots of these things are difficult to manage and still be a control freak, which I have recently come to terms with being. It’s a good thing that writing about my wedding planning (mis)adventures helps to reduce the stress of all the planning!

How did you score on the quiz? What do you do to help reduce your wedding planning-induced stress?


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