On Breaking Up…

Yes, as the song says “Breaking up is hard to do”.But seriously, my band broke up! As I mentioned here, finding the right band was EXTREMELY important to me, and we were so happy with our decision. We even went to see them again in January with all our friends just because it was fun! I think the worst part about them breaking up was that THEY DIDN’T EVEN TELL ME. It’s actually a “funny” story…

Our deposit was due in April through Gigmasters, so at the end of March, I went onto the website to try to figure out how to pay it. Well, I couldn’t figure it out, so I had two options: 1)message through the website, or 2) send an email to one of the other band members who had emailed me way back when we were getting quotes. I chose to email the one lead singer personally (there were two lead singers) and boy am I happy I did! He emailed me back a few days later saying he’s really sorry I hadn’t heard, but they had broken up! SERIOUSLY?!?! And this was during a week I was having a rough go at wedding planning, so as I’m sure you can imagine it made my day! He said that W (the other lead singer) had already formed a new band, and was probably still planning on playing our wedding, but that I could email him to be sure, unless, you know, we wanted to hire his new band instead. OF COURSE I would work so hard at something only to have it fall apart only a few months later. It didn’t help that this had happened a month or so earlier and W hadn’t even bothered to let me know (which T says is “probably because he thinks his new band is better and you won’t care”)! So T and I started discussing the option of hiring his new band, which was really the original band I hired, only without W, something I wasn’t so concerned about. But T agreed with Mr. B we should hear them both and then decide, he was happy to keep our date saved until we had completely made our decision (talk about AWESOME) and his honest and up front attitude about the whole thing really made me feel more comfortable working with his new band instead. But W’s band was playing nearby that weekend, so BM J and I went to check them out.

Checking out the band BM J and I checking out W’s band

Later that week, T emailed me asking if I had the chance to go check out the other band. And I was completely honest with what I thought about it. T had told me that W’s band would be more polished than theirs: the other band members had been doing it a LONG time and had more professional equipment. I definitely agreed, that they were polished, but W had no emotion when he was singing. I would close my eyes and every song sounded the same; he just had no personality. Every song sounded like they did on the radio, which is GREAT and all, but if I wanted it to sound just like it did on the radio, I’d hire a DJ…which T thought was hilarious! We corresponded back and forth a bit, and planned to go see them Memorial Weekend. I had pretty much already decided T’s band was the one for us, but I needed Mr. B to be convinced as well…so off to the bar we went, ready to check out some awesome country music!

Mr. B and his Groomsmen (minus GM E)

BM J, BM T and Me checking out the band

Needless, to say, watching T’s band made an already easy decision even easier! They were GREAT! Honestly, even better than they were when they had W in the band too. We all had so much fun and we were happy we got to check them out with all of our friends.

All photos personal

Did you have a mishap with any of your vendors causing you to start over? Did it work out better for you in the end, or create a wedding planning nightmare?


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